Wednesday, June 29, 2011

catch up time

Wow.  Summer is flying by!  It's already the end of June...well almost.  And a week from today Aunt Mari and Nate will be here.  And Heather!!!  I haven't seen Heather since the middle of March (Dan's wedding).  And now I get to see her for Steph's wedding!  The bad news is, who knows the next time we get to see her. It surely better be before the next wedding (since I'll be the only unmarried one left).  Too bad she's not really within driving distance.  It'd be fun to go back east and visit...but I don't know if I see that happening either.  Stupid fund-sucking school.

I haven't done anything too exciting this summer.  I mainly just work...BUT I love the people I work with, so that's a bonus.  We have so many amazing people this summer.  The list of people I love is long and the list for people I dislike is relatively short...okay it's practically non-existent.  And then there are the people that just fall somewhere in between the two.

And maybe I'm just conceited, but I like it whenever I work around Chelsie and Alexis because they always tell me how adorable I look.  Plus, I like all the other random compliments.  I love my bird necklace...and apparently a bunch of other people do too.  Oh.  And I love when some of the aa/cashiers tell me I'm one of their favorites.  It makes me laugh because I know they're sucking up haha, but I'm sure for at least a few it's the truth :)

And sometimes we like to party at work.  Like the beach bash.  We had a bunch of people there from our departments which made it fun.  Otherwise it would've been lame.  Huge dance party + random volleyball game + the tube slide + cool people = awesome

And I really like all the supervisors this year.  We make a pretty rockin' team.  Last year...not so much.  And maybe part of last year was that I was the only new super (until they promoted two more mid-season) and felt like I just didn't fit in really.  But that's not the case this year...which is good.

Sometimes Ferris wheels are pretty :)

And sometimes, I get home from work, and finally wander into my room and find a present on my bed.

I was looking through the Kohls ad and said I wanted a waffle maker and that I should remember to go get it since it was only twenty bucks.  Well...I came home from work...and it appeared like magic.  Except the magic is my mom's awesomeness.  Plus she got me paper with a K.  I always end up making random lists of that'll be useful.

Oh and remember Spencer?  He has flowers.  And is producing babies.  So maybe someday I'll figure out how to plant them. kitchen is dark.  But you can see a flower.  And next to the flower is a spiderette.
I'm probably lame...but I like my spider plant.  Deal with it.

Part of me is ready for it to be the end of August and for school to start.  Well maybe not school, but at least be in Logan.  But, part of me is content with how things are now.  Both Logan and Bountiful have their pros and cons.  Most of it involves people.  It takes a lot less effort in Logan to make plans to hang out.  Or maybe summer is just crazy?

Oh and I've decided the justice/legal system (whatever it is...) is slow.  But that's America for you.

Oh and it's firework season!  I enjoyed a mini-show from my living room last night (yay for neighbors with illegal fireworks).  And on Friday I have more to go to!  Who knows if I'll get to go to any others besides those this year...but if not, I guess I can be content with that.

Oh and I hate when the power goes out, leaving me with an 85 degree house.  At least hiding in the basement was probably 10-15 degrees cooler :)  But...I love having AC.  

And I hate my wireless not working.  It's kinda inconvenient...oh well.  If those are the only things I have to complain about right now, life must be good.
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