Monday, August 29, 2011

logan! :)

Oh Logan.  I've missed you.  And then I got here and I missed home.  You always seem to want what you can't have, eh?  But, now classes have started and I'm falling back in love with Logan.

I've been dying of boredom.  All I've had for entertainment was my laptop and roommates.  Okay.  Not true. But it felt like it.  But.  Now we're meeting people.  Tons of people.  More people than I met last year.  But that's not hard to surpass haha.  Normally, I don't have too many issues remembering names and faces, but with all the millions of introductions that seem to consist of all the same questions - "Hi what's your name?"  "What are you majoring in?" "Where are you living/where are you from?" - everyone starts blurring together.  But there are some really nice people up here.  I love it.

I've heard that church is THE place to meet people at Old Farm.  It seemed to be pretty true.  And then some of the guys threw an ice-cream party at their apartment after ward prayer.  I guess that's what happens when your sister gets married and you have lots of leftovers.  Score.

Super cheesy :)
Friday we went to some "Margarita Mixer" at Continental with Sarah, Janie, and Kylee.  The girls we met were a lot of fun and super talkative.  It was funny to hear what a small world it was with connections of how some of the girls knew all the boys we lived across the hall from last year.

And then Saturday we hung out with some of Shayna's friends.  We watched Valkyrie...well most of it.  And then played games.  They are some pretty entertaining people.

And then Sunday was church.  And then ice cream.  And I went to Alex's bonfire for a little while.

Oh sometime last week I went and bought my books.  Goodbye last was nice knowing you.

But anyway...Old Farm is pretty great.  I have some super cool roommates.  The storage is minimal...but we're making it work.  And we have a Harry Potter closet.  Well...cupboard under the stairs :)  So that's pretty neat.  And soon our living room will be a little more complete.  I go home tomorrow for a work banquet/accept a scholarship thing...and am getting my dishes and TV and movies and stuff.  We need some entertainment!  Oh.  And I think it would be pretty rad if someone bought me a rug from IKEA.  It's only $20 so I know you can afford it..unless you have no money. And....someone's birthday is in a week ;)
That would make our living room better.  And prevent our feet from getting as black.  Gross.  I'll take pictures and put them up later (of our house...not our gross feet...unless someone really wants that...but then I think you might have issues).   But I think our little place is kinda fun.  And pretty cute :)

Oh and classes.  Today was my short day.  I had computer science (or was it "Preparing for Eternal Marriage?  JOKE!).  But really, it was full of guys with a few girls sprinkled here and there...but hey, I'm not complaining.  Then I had Zumba, but we only called roll/did introductions and listened to her ramble about the syllabus...and then got out early.  So I read the newspaper...and found Janie and talked to her for a minute...then I decided to go to Institute.  Last year I struggled with my attendance I made sure to pick something I would understand.  And maybe going to my own class instead of signing up with friends might have a different effect?  Anyway.  With our introductions...I met a girl who is related to Johnny Cash.  I thought that was pretty cool.

Anyway...that's enough rambling for today.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Last Friday night Sarah, Janie, Kylee, and I went camping up at Sarah's property.  Here are pictures to illustrate the rest of the day...

We loaded up the Jeep and headed to Walmart.  We bought some food...and then headed to Little Caesars to buy pizza and breadsticks and then to Micky D's to get drinks for $1.  {we didn't want to work too hard for our food :) }  And then we hit the road.

So up in Cottonwood, Sarah's family has something even better than an outhouse.  It's called a toilet that flushes.  And it resides inside this building.

However, when we got up there, it was locked.  Where oh where was the key?  Sarah looked...but no luck.  So we had two options.  We could drive back to the start of the dirt road where we knew we had cell phone service or head up the mountain on a 4-wheeler where it is known to sometimes to get service...

So of course we picked the 4-wheeler.

And somehow, we got service before we got to the top.  So Sarah called her grandpa and he told her where the key was.  There would be no squatting or outhouse for us! :)

We decided we should probably get started on a fire.  We decided one log was too big but we didn't really have any others to choose from so our only other option was to chop it and make it smaller.

So we spent what felt like hours chopping.  But comparing the time from the first picture to the was just over an hour.  BUT, in our defense the ax was really dull.

Our feet.  And our log in the fire :)

And between the four of us we cooked marshmallows eaten layer by layer, starbursts, and s'mores.

We then got ready for bed, ran around the field for a minute, and climbed onto the tramp.  We weren't sure which sprinklers were going to come that seemed like the safest place to sleep.

But, instead of going to sleep, we spent our time taking are a few...

"Let's pretend we're laughing!" 

I just spent five minutes laughing.  These are faces only a mother could love :)
And then we stared at the stars...and talked...and dropped off to sleep.

And woke up to this

We then ate breakfast {cinnamon chex and white/chocolate milk} and packed up and went home.  They went on to Tim McGraw, the Band Perry, and Luke Bryan...and I went on to work.  I bet they had more fun!  Here are a few other pictures from our adventure...

It was really bright...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

summer lovin'

Beware...this is a random rambling of thoughts...

Summer is almost over!  Crazy to think it went so fast.  Some days I'm ready for it to end; ready to run away to home away from home.  I miss always hanging out with my old roommates.  This year will be a mix of new and old.  I'm ready for classes...sort of.  I need something to occupy my time.  It'll at least give me something to do.  And hopefully this semester will be enjoyable...and hopefully I'll decide on a major.

But at the same time I could let summer go on forever.  Right now I quite enjoy work.  Some of the kids are so much fun.  I have a few that I want to be the little brother I never had.  I freaking love them.  They are so entertaining and have made work a blast.  It's crazy to think there are only about two and half weeks left.  There are so many things that have happened: angry people, lots of rain, many happy people, a power outage, new friends, lady who punched me and me retelling the story...who knows how many times, awesome employees, pow-wows, parties, etc.  It's probably been my favorite summer there yet.

Lately, I've felt kind of out of it.  But I think I've figured it out.  So that's a bonus.

For a while I think I was kinda scared about fall.  Last year I had my two best friends who know almost everything about me available practically at the drop of a hat.  I could run away to Angie's apartment.  Or shoot off a message to Kevin (or Ang).  Or a phone call if really needs be.  This year, not so much.  But, I still have a does Angie.  And as for Kevin...well I have a pen and paper.

Plus, I have Kylee, Janie, Sarah, Shayna, and Katie!  Those five girls are awesome.  And I love them to pieces.  And it's a new year, which will mean new friends.  At the end of the school year I vowed to not wait until the last month of school to make new friends.  {Seriously, I didn't even know the people across the hall from me until March...oops!}

Now it's time to cram a little more fun into summer as it's winding to a close.  I'll try to remember to take my camera camping...and to take pictures.  And maybe I can find time for the zoo or Park City or somewhere else fun too :)
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