Saturday, September 29, 2012

today i met the devil

Today I met the devil.

His name is Ryan.  Did you know that?

He is smooth talking and oh-so-persuasive.  Somehow he convinces you to do things you know really aren't that great for your well-being and makes the perks of "now" seem quite appealing.

Now, being the devil, I would assume he'd be quite busy.  How does he have time for a second job?  I'm not sure.  But, he works at Old Navy.

I won't lie.  I'm in love with Old Navy's Rockstar Jeans.

Old Navy
They have every color of the rainbow pretty much.  I needed some new black ones because my old ones just weren't cutting it, and, when they're on sale for $19 a pair, why should I pay full price?

So I went in with a mission:  purchase black skinny jeans.  And then I thought to myself, "Self- they're practically half price!  That means I can get another pair and not feel bad, right?"  So I found myself with a hot pink pair as well.

After I had grabbed my jeans I found some shirts that were oh-so-adorable.  In the past I would have hated them.  I won't lie. Camp shirts and chambrays?  Not my thing.  But today, for some odd reason, I just had to have them. 

Old Navy

I really wish they had pictures of all my current loves that I bought, but alas they do not.  Now with two pairs of jeans and three shirts, I realized: "These things add up!"  I knew in my e-mail I had a discount that varied depending on how much I spent.  So I justified it and bought it all.

And Ryan, being the sneaky, cunning devil that he is, suggested I sign up for an Old Navy credit card.  He listed all the perks of signing up, and boy I've never heard potential debt sound so appealing.  I've never even had to consider cards when I go places- Kohls, Old Navy, American Eagle, etc.  For some reason I just always said no.  But was different.  Today I said yes.  Why?  I still don't fully understand except I was already spending a lot of money and figured I should probably try to save some more.  {Don't worry Mom, I got denied.  I have no problem admitting that and honestly it's probably good I didn't get it.}

So the next time you're shopping, be sure to keep an eye out for the smooth talking devil....and be suspicious of guys named Ryan.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

missing in action

so once upon a time i used to blog somewhat regularly.

and then it stopped and i went missing in action.

whelp.  here's an attempt to start it up again...but this is the only post for tonight.

in the mean time, enjoy this recipe that is my number one post.

better than sex (heath) cupcakes

These cupcakes are pretty dang delicious.  Anytime I say I'm making cupcakes people ask hopefully if I'm making Better Than Sex cupcakes.  They really aren't that hard.  I've heard of different methods to making them...but this is the one that works the best for me! {If anything is unclear, let me know and I'll try to clarify}

  • 1 chocolate cake mix (and the eggs, oil, and water it calls for)
  • 1 bottle of carmel (I use Smuckers Caramel that looks like this)
  • Cool Whip (8 oz I believe)
  • 3 Heath bars (varies depending how much Heath you want)
First you make the cupcakes according to the directions on the box.  Simple, eh?

While still warm, poke three holes in each cupcake with the end of a wooden spoon.  Warm the carmel and spoon  into the holes.  Try to do this carefully or your cupcakes will become very sticky and messy to eat. {Note: I have noticed sometimes when I make these that the integrity of the cake is affected by the holes and the carmel combo...either be careful as you eat or go easy on the carmel so the bottom doesn't get too saturated}

Let them finish cooling.  I then let them chill in the fridge.  

Take your Heath bars and chop them into pieces.  A mixture of finely chopped and chunks is fine.  {The chunks are my favorite part.}  Don't eat too much of your Heath or else you won't have anything to put on top!

Once chilled, I spoon a dollop of Cool Whip onto each cupcake and use the spoon to make the peaks in the Cool Whip.  Sprinkle the Heath onto the Cool Whip.  I usually let them chill a little bit more just so everything gets nice and cold.  They are now ready to serve!   

Mmmm.  Delicious.  Now I'm craving them!
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