Monday, April 1, 2013

happy list april

Once upon a time I stole an idea from my SIL Eryka.  She would make these cute little happy lists at the beginning of each month...and I decided to do the same...except well...I haven't been as consistent.  Anyway, here's this month's!

  • it's the last FULL month of school left :)
    • don't get me wrong....i love school and logan...but this year my heart has been in bountiful
  • general conference
  • lagoon is OPEN!
    • {i've had a season pass since i was four}
    • {it's also my job.  and i love it.}
  • springtime flowers
  • seeing little high school kids on campus {i can't help but feel EXCITED for them!}
  • discovering my love for twitter.  
  • my new phone!  {i don't know how i lived with my old one...} 
    • this also means more distractions in class....
  • encouraging myself to make time for working out {i'm much more pleasant}
    • the best teachers make all the difference!
  • watching a goose walk up and down stairs {hilarious}
If you do a happy list, let me know!  I love hearing what people put on their lists :)

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