Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dear Boys #1

dear cr8on,

you never fail to make me laugh
and i'm glad to see you're doing well.
good luck! i'll see you in two...and in the meantime i'll look forward to your letters :)

love, kelly

dear terrance,

i miss cuddling with you whilst watching movies.
you were soft, squishy, and would probably have razor sharp teeth if they were real

love, the pillow pet stealer

dear best friend,

can terrance and sexy rex have a play-date?

love, me

dear non-creeper,

i wish i could have said yes.  like really.
hopefully next time!

love, kelly

dear creepers,

please stay away.
i would sincerely appreciate it :)

love, me

dear one direction,

originally i refused to listen to you.
but then katie and janie changed my ways...and i actually like you.

love, me

dear elise,

you're not a boy, but you sure were fun to meet!

love, kelly
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