Friday, November 23, 2012

attitude of gratitude {days 9-19}

I'm super behind with this project...but here's the next section anyway.  {click here for part 1}

9 - friends - I'm grateful for all my friends, no matter the length of the friendship.  They have gotten me through the good and the bad times and have shaped much of who I have become.  They teach me things I never knew about myself.  They keep my thoroughly entertained.  I love them.

10 - indoor plumbing - Who honestly wants to squat over a hole in the backyard?  Or run outside to an outhouse?  Especially in the middle of winter.  No thank you.  Whoever invented toilet paper?  Genius.  Also, never having to share bath water with siblings?  Awesomeness.  I like showers.

11 - government and military - I am so blessed to live in a place where I am free to choose what to do with my life, have guaranteed rights and liberties, and the opportunity to have a say in how our country is run (aka the right to vote).  I grateful for those who sacrifice their time, and even their life, to serve this country and its citizens to protect their freedoms.

12 - cell phones - I complain about how much I hate my phone often-- how slow it is, functions it doesn't have, and just how crappy it is in general.  But really, it does so much for me.  I take pictures on it more than I do with my real camera.  It helps me to keep in touch with family and friends through phone calls, texting, and social media apps.  It prevents me from getting completely lost with navigation and answers stupid questions with Google.

13 - ducks {and geese} - Ducks are pretty much the greatest animal on the planet.  They are definitely in my top three favorite animals.  For some reason, they make me unexplainably happy.  I haven't been infatuated with them as much this school year, but I still think they're pretty awesome.

14 - zumba - So if you know me, like, at all, you know growing up I was not athletic at all.  I hated sports.  I hated gym.  Being athletic was NOT my forte.  Then, one of the summers after high school, I decided to give AquaZumba a shot.  My mom and her friends (who are pretty much my second and third moms) were doing if middle-aged moms could do it, a nineteen year old could, right?  Right!  I fell in love.  The next fall I signed up for a normal Zumba class for school and the love has continued.  Who knew exercising could be fun?

15 - shameless self-photos - If somebody was to look through the pictures on my phone, they would probably tell me the amount of pictures I take of myself is obscene.  Honestly, I just get this occasionally provides a form of entertainment.

clothes AND shameless self-portraits....embarrassing eh?
16 - clothes - Granted, a small percentage of the population could probably walk around without clothes and nobody would complain...but for the majority clothing is a good great thing.  Clothes cover up some of the scars, flaws, and imperfections I don't wish to share with the world.  It allows me to express myself.  I definitely am not a pro at throwing outfits together, but knowing how I used to dress, I can say I am significantly better at it.

17 - Aggie Athletics - I don't care if you have a card proclaiming you are a "True Aggie" because you kissed somebody on the A at midnight the night of a full moon.  You are NOT a True Aggie if you do not support Aggie sports.  Last Saturday some of my roommates and I sat in the Spectrum for over six hours watching the football and basketball games.  The football game was crazy.  I'll admit, I got worried.  I lost hope even. The last half we weren't doing so hot, so how could we win?  Whelp, we went into overtime, and guess what?  The Aggies pulled through, won, and now are ranked #25.  Basketball did not disappoint either.  I love screaming and cheering on my Aggies.

18 - parents who love each other - It's often easy to take something like this for granted.  It's just life to me.  But then life sinks in and I see friends whose parents are divorced.  Or have friends say they think their parents should divorce.  As a kid, I know I played out the scenario of "which parent would you live with if they got divorced?" in my head (did other people do that too? or was I just a weird kid?), but ultimately, I knew I would never have to choose.  Ever.  I was certain.  I always knew my parents loved each other.  I still do.  And I hope that one day, I'll be able to have a forever marriage like theirs.

19 - creativity - My creativity lacks a lot of times.  But I'm thankful for those who are creative...and even more thankful for those who share their creativity on the internet.  Because, then it allows others, such as my only-semi-creative-self, to get ideas and do awesome things.  Pinterest has allowed for new crafts ideas galore.  Every once in a while, I do create something with my own imagination, but, by golly, others have such nifty ideas!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

major decisions

Over the summer I finally decided what I want to do with my life.

Okay.  False.  I still have no idea what I want to do with life...but I at least was able to come to a decision as to what major to declare.  It was something I had struggled with for a long time.  All growing up, junior high and high school counselors would look at my grades and say, "You can be anything you want to be!" "With grades like those, you will succeed in any direction you choose to take!" an indecisive person that was not news I loved hearing.  I did like hearing I was "smart," but I hated the lack of direction.  I liked and disliked everything at the same time.  I didn't really have a passion for any particular subject that screamed to me, "Go this way!  Pick me!"

So once I got to college I remained undeclared.  I took a variety of classes- psychology, chemistry, Spanish, English, computer science, sociology, and so much more.  There was only one area that I noticed a pattern in the classes I took.  I kept taking classes from the FCHD (family, consumer, and human development) department.  I loved those classes.  I still do.  Classes about families, marriages, development of the human body, finances...they were all my favorites.  I considered taking a similar route to these courses and become a FCSE (family and consumer science education) major.  I thought it could be super cool to be a junior high or high school teacher and teach the "fun" classes like foods, sewing, and interior design...and even the "not fun" ones like financial literacy.  I found something I liked.  It should be simple enough to declare my major, right?

Wrong.  Something about it just never felt "right" to declare.  I didn't know how to use it to help me in the workforce, except becoming a teacher.  I can see all the applicable ways in my personal life...but professionally I felt very limited.  It confused and frustrated me.  I couldn't seem to find anything that I felt okay about pursuing.

And as more and more time passed me by, the more it stressed me out and worried me.  The topic was a pretty sensitive one at the time.  Any time anyone would bring the subject of my major up (and was either really close to me personally...or just really pressed it)  I would always end up with tears in my eyes.  Thoughts would always come: "Why can't I figure out what I want to do with my life?"  "Why can everyone else come to a decision, but I can't?"  "Why does this not feel 'right' for me...yet it's 'right' for bunches of other people?"  "I'm just wasting my time in school.  I should just drop out.  Except that would be stupid.  My parents would kill me...and I wouldn't be doing anything better with my time."  "What's wrong with me?"

This summer my mom pointed out to me what's been sitting in front of my face for the longest time.  Seriously.  The.  Longest. Time.  It's something I've spent a good chunk {aka 6 years} of my life doing.

"You love your job.  Why don't you declare something that relates?"

I thought about it.  And it was obvious....and I had been completely oblivious to it the whole time.

With the help of my mom, I decided Human Resources would be an awesome fit for my life.  My job already entailed some aspects of it, and the other ones seemed like stuff I'd be able to handle.

Step 1:  Call Utah State's Advising Center and set up an appointment.  Knowing I didn't have the pre-requisites done, I made it with an "undeclared, business" adviser.

Step 2:  Drive to Logan with Eryka.  Park.  Go to the TSC and meet with said adviser.

Step 3:  Walk into her office.  Right off the bat she says, "So, the note about your appointment says you're interested in majoring in Human Resources.  We actually stopped offering that major for bachelor's degrees" and listed multiple reasons why.  "Here are other business degrees you could major in, and then have HR as your minor.  Oh.  And really you don't want to be meeting with me, you want to set up an appointment to meet with a business adviser and officially declare a major."  Me:  "What?  I don't have the pre-reqs done."  Adviser: "If your GPA is above *this level* (3.95 maybe?)  you can declare earlier.  You have a 3.96."  Yada yada yada...I leave her office.

Step 4:  Find Eryka.  Say "Sorry...I'm not done yet.  UGH."  And hurry my behind over to the business building.  We wander for a minute until we can find their advisement office.  I patiently stand in front of the counter while Office Lady is on the phone...and wait and wait.  Until somebody else notices me and asks how she can help me.  "Oh.  You want to talk to Paige.  She's out of town until next week."  Totally not music to my ears.  "But, here...I can declare your major for you."

So...I'm getting a BS in BA.  I wish that stood for a B.S. degree in Bad A**-ery...but unfortunately it doesn't.  Here's to a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.  Totally not as cool.

Step 5:  Go eat lunch with Eryka and Elise.  Then check out Violet Hill Boutique's new digs in the mall.  You wouldn't think this is such a necessary step...but it is.

The next week I made another appointment to talk to a *real* adviser and got my life sorted out.  I didn't feel like she helped me a whole lot...but it's still good to talk to someone who knows what they're talking about.  I thought we'd get my schedule all hammered out in her office and officially registered for classes.  Instead, she just said "here ya go" with a list of stuff, answered a few questions, but ultimately, didn't do a whole lot that I wouldn't be able to figure out on my own.

I still have no idea what I'm going to do with my degree, but I know it'll be useful in the long run.  All I know is that, at least for now, it feels "right" and that I actually feel like I'm working toward something.  I also know that I'm not 100% obligated to hold fast to this.  I'm still allowed to change my mind.  I don't have to have all the answers now...but I'm glad I at least have some of them :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

sombreros, gangnam style, and a cardboard cat

So, minus the fact I've been sick, this weekend has been pretty stellar.

Highlights include:
  • Scoring a super comfy, super cute hoodie for practically half price
  • Olive Garden {salad and breadsticks?!  mmm..and pasta :) super delish}
  • Aggie basketball....and even better because we won! {there were some moments the score was WAY too close for comfort}
  • Hanging out with these cool kids

photo stolen from Alyse
So...we pretty much had a mobile dance party.  We all dressed up {too bad you can't see the back of my's a party of its own}.  Basically Sombrero Man {Blake} would knock on an apartment's door, make up some story which involved plugging his boombox into their wall, and start dancing.  {apparently people's initial reactions are pretty funny.}  We'd all pour into the apartment and party it up!  Some people would just stare at us...but others would hop up and dance too.  As we made our way from apartment to apartment our group doubled {at least!}  Most additions were just in normal clothes....but about halfway through we had the silly Old Farm gorilla join in!

I'm pretty sure I made myself sicker by screaming for my Aggies and dancing around all Saturday night....but I would do it again in a heartbeat!  I love my neighbors and the crazy shenanigans they think up :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

thankful thursday: days 1-8

so....i thought i would jump on the bandwagon and join in being grateful for something everyday of november.  i know i should remember to be grateful for these things everyday...and i try.  i love the month of november and hearing everybody express their lists too. no particular we go!

Heather's Wedding, June 2010
1 - my mama llama.  .she's pretty much the bee's knees.  she's patient and loving.  she helps me realize the obvious when i don't see it right in front of my face {like my major}.  she reminds me not to worry about things.  she's pretty.  she makes super good food.  and she's not selfish with it either.  she'll not only share with me, she'll take dinner to friends, neighbors, and relatives.  she visits her parents pretty much every day as of lately.  she's super crafty--like she's done pretty much every category imaginable...except knitting.  i've never seen her knit...but jewelry, painting, wood crafts, quilting, crocheting, name it, she's done it.  even though she's *super old* {not really mom.  you're just not 21} she's one of my best friends.  and she has cool friends.  {wanna know something funny?  i spent almost every tuesday night during the summer going to water zumba with my mom and her friends...sometimes even foregoing plans with my own friends.  ha!}  and so much more.  i pretty much want to be her when i grow up.  or even just half of her...because that would still let me be pretty rad. i love her.

San Francisco, March 2011
2 - pops.  okay i never call him that to his face.  my dad.  he's a super cool dude.  he can fix pretty much anything.  and if he can't, he knows someone who can. he's super smart.  i swear he can answer pretty much any question.  except "what do you want for your birthday?"  he sucks at that one.  he's tells corny "dad jokes."  he makes me laugh {*walks into my room with his arms in the sleeves of a utah state hoodie* "hey kel. wanna see something cool?" "sure dad."  *proceeds to finish putting the hoodie on* "i can put this hoodie on without taking off my glasses!" "isn't that normal??"  *apparently not...*} i'm grateful to have a worthy priesthood-holding father.  and that he takes care of my car.  and takes me out to dinner. and so much more.  when i was little i always thought it was weird when i heard stories of little girls saying they want to marry their dads.  now i get it.  i wanna marry someone like my dad too.  i love him.

3 - diet coke.  a gift from the gods.  well...that's if i believed in more than one.  so i guess it's just the greatest thing ever.  pretty sure i'm ready to be a middle-aged mormon mom by the amounts i consume.

4 - my religion.  yep.  i'm a mormon.  the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints.  sometimes i like to deviate off the path of life...not too far...just like a footstep or two or three...but ultimately i know what makes me happy.  and the beauty of it is, i'm not expected to be perfect, i just need to strive to be.

5 - old navy.  i don't even want to add up how much i've spent there in the past year...or even just the past three months.  i bought four sweaters there yesterday since it was the last day of super cash.  so i pretty much got one for free...but i got the super cash from spending lots already.  oops.  i swear they used to have ugly clothes growing up....but that has totally changed.

6 - school.  as much i love to complain and say how much i hate it....i really love it.  growing up, school was how i felt good about myself...mainly because i was good at it.  i was the smart kid.  granted, that's not the super cool thing to be...but i never seemed to get too much crap for it, except from my siblings.  sometimes, now, i don't feel so smart...but i'll save that post for a different day.  because i did so well in high school, i now have a scholarship to pay for me to pursue a college degree.  i love that, even though the major i declared is completely different than anything i've ever studied, i'm still doing well.  i would have never thought of myself as one to go into business...yet it feels so right.  there are projects where i have to stretch myself and what i feel i am capable of...but overall, i seem to have been successful :)

7 - boys who hold the door open.  in church on sunday in my home ward, one lady was talking about how kids my age don't know how to date, and lack of door-holding was one of the things used as an example.  i try to remember to say thank you...although i know i'm not perfect in remembering.  and i know it is a concern for dating.  i've been on some dates where the boy does not get the door...but i've been on quite a few where the boy does.  dear boys....girls do notice.  and it does improve my opinion of you.

8 - randomly finding twenty bucks!  so today i had to open my backpack to retrieve something i normally don't ever need to ever.  and i noticed a bill folded up in a pocket....and was pretty stoked to see it was a twenty instead of a five like i originally thought :)

bam.  november.  one of the greatest months of the year.
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