Friday, July 26, 2013

dear boys #4

dear mr. adorable,
I will probably never see you again...which is unfortunate.
You were mighty attractive, super nice, and in love.
I hope you were able to find your girl and make things right.
Thanks for reminding me there are still nice guys my age.
sincerely, girl behind the counter

dear gramps,
Honestly, I'm more sad about you being in that big house by yourself than Grandma being gone.
Although it will take some time to adjust, we know she's happy where she is.
love, your favorite youngest granddaughter

dear friend formerly known as best,
I'm not sure things can go back to what they used to be.
And I'm pretty sure I'm okay with that.  Hopefully, you will be too.
sincerely, me

dear teenage boy,
I'm not sure if I should be flattered or awkwarded out.
sincerely, i'll-take-it-as-a-compliment

dear mish,
Um...okay, this is more of a note-to-self, but....
You are now on the downhill slope.
Thanks for always being a good pal.
heart, kell

dear Boy,
I don't know why you've been coming to mind lately.
I haven't talked to you in ages and feel kind of odd if I just start out of the blue.
*insert jumbled thoughts here*
Anyway, I hope you're doing okay.
sincerely, that-one-awkward-girl
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