Wednesday, February 13, 2013

little letters

dear mexico,
the past two mondays have been swell chatting with you.
you really make my brain hurt though.
i miss you.

dear roommates,
i'm proud you've decided to start watching the walking dead.
i love "this is giving me anxiety!!!" and "no!!!!" and all your other reactions.
and it's only just the beginning.

dear self,
why are you only wearing one sock?
sometimes you make no sense.
okay...a lot of times

dear indie,
there are several attractive things about you and you seem super cool.
i'd be completely fine dating.
     that one girl

dear gramps,
okay.  calling you gramps is weird.
you're grandpa clark.
anyway.  i do think it's kind of adorable you died the same day as grandma clark...but ten years apart.

dear bear army,
i'm maybe a little bit sorry you were defeated.
mainly because you were made out of rice krispies and i want to eat more of you.
too bad i didn't take a picture of were festive in your red bow ties and heart eyes.
     girl with an awesome mom

dear farm boy,
you are a pretty swell kid to talk to.
my brain doesn't know what to think of you.
     little city girl

dear valentines day,
yep.  you're practically here again.
nope.  my status has yet to change.
however, i'm excited to spend it with the people i love the most:  my family.
     "simply single"

dear blog,
you're pretty much a work in progress.
but it's more fun to experiment with you than to study for tests and write essays...
     pro procrastinator

dear work,
i miss you.
so needless to say, i'm excited to start back up on saturday.
my kids are silly and ridiculous...but most of the time they're pretty great.
     year seven

dear letter list,
you're getting ridiculously long.
it's time to go.
until next time,

Friday, February 1, 2013


This is my cousin saying goodbye to his dog for the next two years while he goes to do what he's dreamt of his whole life.  He's going to learn to fly Blackhawk helicopters.  This picture and song pair together so perfectly and I love how so much emotion is conveyed in both of them.

Good luck Andy!  We love you!

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