Tuesday, August 27, 2013

focus on the happy

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Attitude is a funny thing.  Depending what yours is like, it can make or break a situation.  I'm not always overflowing with optimism, so sometimes I have to remind myself of the good things in life.

I could be upset that school is starting and it's my senior year, that I'm in an apartment complex where I know next to no one, and that the majority of my friends are getting married, going on missions, or just not in Logan.

However, everything can be looked at with a different light.  It just depends on my attitude.  I can be *excited* that I only have three more semesters left of school {still working on that excitement though...}.  I can be grateful for the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends and appreciate the ones who are still in Logan with me.  I can be happy that my friends are doing great things with their lives and grateful that we all have our own timetables.

I had actually started writing this last night, but I've learned you have to let real life take priority.  Why would you want to replace free food, a free movie, and getting to know some pretty cool new people with the Internet?  Beats me.

Seize opportunities when they come.  Focus on the happy.  Life will be so much more enjoyable if you do.
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