Wednesday, April 25, 2012

what i've been up to - life dump

Honestly, I don't know what I've been up to lately.
I remember once upon a time I was going to post about my spring break adventures.  And then I never did. 

So let's back track to March.

Creighton, Kevin, and I got sushi.  Delish.
 And we went on an epic zoo adventure.

And I went out to three movies that week:  This Means War, Chronicle, and The Lorax.  I had heard mixed things about the Lorax, but I loved it.  And we {Angie, Kevin, Creighton, and I} went up to North Salt Lake and just ended up staring at the city.  I love city lights :)  The rest of the week was made up of yoga, Killer Bunnies, and a slurpee run with a talk on the Boulevard.

The next week consisted of Humans vs Zombies.  After half-heartedly signing up, I ended up having a lot of fun.  It looks like the stupidest game...but if you allow yourself, you will have good time! :)

Some of the roommates and I decided to go to Festival of Colors.  We'll let pictures do the talking.

That same weekend we saw the Hunger Games.  Love, love, LOVE that movie :)

One day I decided to have a "Make Kelly Happy Day" and did so by dressing up adorably.  Then instead of going to class as I had planned, I decided to ditch.  I ended up spending two hours going to the bank and finding flowers and a vase.  Honestly all the flowers sucked.  That is, until I found tulips at Maceys.  Tulips are pretty.  I kind of have a thing for them.

Probably this whole past month I've been under a ton of stress.  Or maybe anxiety.  Either way, it was no bueno.  I would wake up each morning feeling so sick.  Sometimes I just let the big things...and even more so, the little things...take a toll on me.  

On one of the bad days Kevin surprised me with flowers.  They're super pretty :)

Thankfully I'm feeling a lot better lately.  I think much of the stress has subsided, although I know priesthood blessings and a trip to the temple were helpful too.

I've seen and fed plenty of ducks lately too!!!!

Oh and I have not seen my cute duck couple in Logan since I have seen them in Bountiful...I think they must have gotten lost.

We also went on a...not-hike up Logan Canyon.  It was more of a walk.  We went back later that night and had a fire with s'mores

Odds and ends:
considering I thought I was going to fail that test...I think an 89 is super awesome :)
Oh and I found out that my English essay was one of the top in my class.  I get extra credit because of it and Thursday I'll get some award at our assembly/ceremony/whatever it is of all the English 2010 classes at that time.  It felt pretty awesome being told that my essay was one of the top just because I know what went into writing it.  There was a lot of effort behind it...and even more heart.

Tonight I went to Kevin's choir concert:

I listened most of the time!  I lost focus in the middle though...
And this is my attempt at a sneaky photo of the cute old couple next to me.  It was a fail though.  But I decided I want to grow up and be like them.  They were cute and holding hands and just being adorable.

Sorry it's kind of a picture dump and awful writing...but sometimes...okay a lot of times that's just what happens.  It feels nice being as caught up as I'm going to get...although I've missed a lot of details, but that's okay with me.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Tonight I decided to read part of an old journal I found.  And as I read, I laughed.

Sometimes you just can't help it.  Some entries really were funny.  I'll leave names out so I'm not too incriminating...but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out haha :)

..."S found out there was hair on the back of her leg like a couple weeks ago.  Maybe a week.  I don't know.  I think it's K who shaves her knee pits. (I learned how to shave in fourth grade.  Steph showed me!) Then we started talking about shaving our armpits.  S's like 'You grow hair in your armpits?!?' We're like 'Yeah.'  Then one of us mentioned one of our armpits was retarded and didn't grow hair."

This entry was even complete with pictures.

hair on the back of the leg :)

armpits.  notice the one of the right has only one hairy pit haha :)
I laughed at the "drama" fifteen year olds face.  With a dozen kids or so kids in my ward/neighborhood my age, there was bound to be some.

I read the gratitude of a fifteen year old for a friend: "I'm just glad I have a friend who likes me and is willing to do stuff with me.  I feel bad that she calls me a lot more than I call her.  I think it's because I've been used to being rejected for so many years that I forget how to be social."  {Don't get me wrong.  I had friends.  Kind of.  Angie moving in improved things a whole lot though}

I read the lessons I learned after a friend's mom had died: don't hold grudges, love everyone with everything I've got, remind people that I love them, be thankful to Heavenly Father for all the things I take for granted, etc. etc.  {I'm still grateful I haven't had to personally deal with this trial and hope I won't have to for years and years....and even more years to come.  According to my Marriage and Family class my parents don't even classify as "young-old" so therefore I vote they need to stick around until they're at least "old-old"}

I found one entry I wish I could have let 18 year old me read {or maybe have 15 year old me lecture 18 year old me}

And another where I wish I could go and talk to the girl who wrote it.  Some of what she wrote was true.  Some was completely false.  However, she was convinced it was all true.  And it took years to realize that that was not the case.

It's funny to see how life shapes us and where we end up.  I can only imagine what 25 year old me is going to want to tell the current me.  I have some ideas what it will be about...I just wish I knew what she'd say to answer all my problems!  Ha!  Too bad life doesn't work that way.
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