Tuesday, June 19, 2012

things will never be the same

During my last month in Logan, I thought to myself about how much I didn't want to leave.  One thought that often crossed my mind was "things are never going to be the same."  I don't know why I thought that so often, but I knew deep down it was true.

As the school year was ending, I knew some really great things were coming to an end.  No more watching silly TV shows or random movies on Netflix with my best friends.  Midnight trips to eat McDonald's hamburgers in Petsmart's parking lot and talking about life were over.  Walking 50 steps or less and being in my best friend's living room was no longer going to be a reality.

And I knew the happiest school year of my life was soon to be over.  Fall semester, overall, was good.  Especially comparing it to my freshman year, it was wonderful.  And then, somehow, spring semester was even better.  And I became worried that nothing would be able to top this school year.

But then I realized, I don't need to be comparing the years to each other.   Sure, there are going to be some experiences that are greater than others, but I won't be appreciating the greatness of the moment if I'm trying to compare it to something else that's completely different.

And I've already learned that things are going to be much different than I even imagined last April.  And although they're some major changes, most sound like they'll be good in the long run.  And for the ones I'm unsure about...well...I can only hope for the best.
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