Thursday, January 26, 2012

late night

Oh goodness.  Why am I still awake?

My bed is far away...okay maybe 20 or 25 steps, if that.  It's 4:26 A.M.

Am I insane?


But English was calling my name.  I wrote decently...but it could improve.  Thankfully it's just a first draft I believe.

I could have, should  have done it earlier.  But Stephanie and the girls came up and we went to the Crepery and then dragged to the mall where Bailey had tantrums about boots.

I wrote a little bit...but had already agreed to participating in a movie night.  I swear every night is movie night probably.  Well one movie turned into like two and a half.

But would I change my night?  No.  Well if I did, I would have written earlier...but honestly I think I'm okay with this.

But really, does any of this matter?  Probably not.  And it probably doesn't make sense now anywho.  I just like to ramble.  And procrastinate. :)

But I should probably go take a nap....and then wake up for class and BE ON TIME :)


  1. I hate when I can't sleep :) Looks like you were slightly productive though while awak, writing a blog post and all haha! Love it.

  2. HOW do you DO!?! i must be in a gradma stage...i hit the bed at 9:30, no later! ha.

    thanks for your sweet comment on my outfit post! made me smile :)



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