Sunday, January 22, 2012

life as of late part 2

Life has been a whirlwind lately.  It's been happy, sad, confusing, chaotic...just about everything.  But mainly happy I'm glad to say!

1. Big Bang Theory = addiction  2. dart failure...
3. and 4. Pinewood Derby with our Ratatouille cheese car. 5.  MLK day all nighter with Austin and Sarah
6. Coloring fairy pictures at Jared and Derek's. 7.  Yesterday's snow.

First Dam and the ducks.
I love ducks.
If you want to win my heart...{which I doubt any of you do, but just in case}...take me to feed them.
I will be a happy camper.

Augustus was kidnapped.
He was almost baked.  And covered in awful smelling fish sauce.
And became a cowboy riding a motorbike-something?
Whist Terrence almost received a swirly.  Two can play at this game...

Darling Tyler's 19th birthday.
I created a giraffe-shaped cupcake cake :)
We drank non-alcoholic sangria.  None of us were really fans.
Kevin and Creighton had fun with our leftover bottles and birthday those boys.

it could use a lot more brown...but it gets the point across! :)

Now I'm back home for the weekend.  I needed a timeout from life and I love the simplicity of home.

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