Sunday, May 27, 2012

two years

May 27, 2010.  It was a Thursday and I was in California for my high school choir trip.  That trip probably contains my happiest memories of my high school existence.

It was also the day I lost my best friend.

Thankfully, my parents are geniuses and threatened to kill my siblings if they told me before I got home (it was day 1 and I wouldn't be back until Monday).

{Is it bad that I'm already mentally done with the idea of writing?}

Anyway, Oscar was my best friend.  He got me through *a lot.*  People best friends are great...but sometimes I still would rather pick Oscar over humans if I could.

He was dependable.  I always knew he would be there.  I never had to worry about him ditching me for a boyfriend or other friends.  I liked being able to tell him anything and knowing he wouldn't/couldn't judge me.  Or at least if he was, I couldn't tell. I never had to worry he would repeat what I told him.  Honestly, just his little-fat-brown-lump-of-a-log presence was comforting.  And there's so much more, but as I said...I'm kind of mentally done for the day.

Thankfully when God took away one best friend, He gave another one in return.  He may not be as perfect as the first, but I still think he's pretty great :)

Two years ago on our choir trip
Still one of my favorite pictures :)

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