Thursday, November 8, 2012

thankful thursday: days 1-8

so....i thought i would jump on the bandwagon and join in being grateful for something everyday of november.  i know i should remember to be grateful for these things everyday...and i try.  i love the month of november and hearing everybody express their lists too. no particular we go!

Heather's Wedding, June 2010
1 - my mama llama.  .she's pretty much the bee's knees.  she's patient and loving.  she helps me realize the obvious when i don't see it right in front of my face {like my major}.  she reminds me not to worry about things.  she's pretty.  she makes super good food.  and she's not selfish with it either.  she'll not only share with me, she'll take dinner to friends, neighbors, and relatives.  she visits her parents pretty much every day as of lately.  she's super crafty--like she's done pretty much every category imaginable...except knitting.  i've never seen her knit...but jewelry, painting, wood crafts, quilting, crocheting, name it, she's done it.  even though she's *super old* {not really mom.  you're just not 21} she's one of my best friends.  and she has cool friends.  {wanna know something funny?  i spent almost every tuesday night during the summer going to water zumba with my mom and her friends...sometimes even foregoing plans with my own friends.  ha!}  and so much more.  i pretty much want to be her when i grow up.  or even just half of her...because that would still let me be pretty rad. i love her.

San Francisco, March 2011
2 - pops.  okay i never call him that to his face.  my dad.  he's a super cool dude.  he can fix pretty much anything.  and if he can't, he knows someone who can. he's super smart.  i swear he can answer pretty much any question.  except "what do you want for your birthday?"  he sucks at that one.  he's tells corny "dad jokes."  he makes me laugh {*walks into my room with his arms in the sleeves of a utah state hoodie* "hey kel. wanna see something cool?" "sure dad."  *proceeds to finish putting the hoodie on* "i can put this hoodie on without taking off my glasses!" "isn't that normal??"  *apparently not...*} i'm grateful to have a worthy priesthood-holding father.  and that he takes care of my car.  and takes me out to dinner. and so much more.  when i was little i always thought it was weird when i heard stories of little girls saying they want to marry their dads.  now i get it.  i wanna marry someone like my dad too.  i love him.

3 - diet coke.  a gift from the gods.  well...that's if i believed in more than one.  so i guess it's just the greatest thing ever.  pretty sure i'm ready to be a middle-aged mormon mom by the amounts i consume.

4 - my religion.  yep.  i'm a mormon.  the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints.  sometimes i like to deviate off the path of life...not too far...just like a footstep or two or three...but ultimately i know what makes me happy.  and the beauty of it is, i'm not expected to be perfect, i just need to strive to be.

5 - old navy.  i don't even want to add up how much i've spent there in the past year...or even just the past three months.  i bought four sweaters there yesterday since it was the last day of super cash.  so i pretty much got one for free...but i got the super cash from spending lots already.  oops.  i swear they used to have ugly clothes growing up....but that has totally changed.

6 - school.  as much i love to complain and say how much i hate it....i really love it.  growing up, school was how i felt good about myself...mainly because i was good at it.  i was the smart kid.  granted, that's not the super cool thing to be...but i never seemed to get too much crap for it, except from my siblings.  sometimes, now, i don't feel so smart...but i'll save that post for a different day.  because i did so well in high school, i now have a scholarship to pay for me to pursue a college degree.  i love that, even though the major i declared is completely different than anything i've ever studied, i'm still doing well.  i would have never thought of myself as one to go into business...yet it feels so right.  there are projects where i have to stretch myself and what i feel i am capable of...but overall, i seem to have been successful :)

7 - boys who hold the door open.  in church on sunday in my home ward, one lady was talking about how kids my age don't know how to date, and lack of door-holding was one of the things used as an example.  i try to remember to say thank you...although i know i'm not perfect in remembering.  and i know it is a concern for dating.  i've been on some dates where the boy does not get the door...but i've been on quite a few where the boy does.  dear boys....girls do notice.  and it does improve my opinion of you.

8 - randomly finding twenty bucks!  so today i had to open my backpack to retrieve something i normally don't ever need to ever.  and i noticed a bill folded up in a pocket....and was pretty stoked to see it was a twenty instead of a five like i originally thought :)

bam.  november.  one of the greatest months of the year.

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