Monday, November 12, 2012

sombreros, gangnam style, and a cardboard cat

So, minus the fact I've been sick, this weekend has been pretty stellar.

Highlights include:
  • Scoring a super comfy, super cute hoodie for practically half price
  • Olive Garden {salad and breadsticks?!  mmm..and pasta :) super delish}
  • Aggie basketball....and even better because we won! {there were some moments the score was WAY too close for comfort}
  • Hanging out with these cool kids

photo stolen from Alyse
So...we pretty much had a mobile dance party.  We all dressed up {too bad you can't see the back of my's a party of its own}.  Basically Sombrero Man {Blake} would knock on an apartment's door, make up some story which involved plugging his boombox into their wall, and start dancing.  {apparently people's initial reactions are pretty funny.}  We'd all pour into the apartment and party it up!  Some people would just stare at us...but others would hop up and dance too.  As we made our way from apartment to apartment our group doubled {at least!}  Most additions were just in normal clothes....but about halfway through we had the silly Old Farm gorilla join in!

I'm pretty sure I made myself sicker by screaming for my Aggies and dancing around all Saturday night....but I would do it again in a heartbeat!  I love my neighbors and the crazy shenanigans they think up :)

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  1. just came over your way via katilda. hope you feel better soon!


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