Sunday, January 27, 2013



In my vocabulary, snow is usually a word letter word { it is a four letter word}.

Today my roommates and I were unable to drive to a Linger Longer {awesome food + socializing after church} because our roommate with 4-wheel drive went home for the weekend and the roommate with the best tires was unable to make it out of the parking lot.  So we hitched a ride to the church...but this also meant we were left car-less up there.  Instead of mooching a ride back {which I'm sure someone would have gladly given us}, we decided to make the journey home on foot.

And I'm so glad we did.

Beauty surrounds us every day.

Sometimes we don't realize it.  Or choose to complain instead.

  • "It's too cold"
  • "I hate shoveling"
  • "People drive too slow"
  • "Can it just be summer already?"
  • "I am so tired of the snow!!!"
  • And a myriad of other complaints floating around

Normally, I'm quite guilty of this and would have a hatred of snow building inside me too.  This week I'm deciding to

Appreciate More, Complain Less

I do wish sidewalks and roads could shovel and plow themselves though...

I sure do love our pretty little winter wonderland we've been given :)

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