Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

So I was pretty excited for Halloween this year!  I liked my costume a lot.

You see...I'm kind of jealous of the fact that my niece Bailey has like five tutus and can wear them pretty much wherever and whenever she wants.  After all, she's five.  When you're twenty people kind of look at you funny.

And.  I have never had a tutu before.  But they looked so fun!  I had been pinning instructions and ideas on Pinterest for weeks, but when my roommate showed me her peacock costume, I decided that was it.  I had to have one.  I was jealous of her costume too.  You see, I have this thing for peacocks too.  But I figured I shouldn't steal her idea.  I just wanted a tutu anyway.  So I knew I had options.  I think I ended up being an autumn fairy or something.  Titles aren't important :)

my rad purple tights.  and my wand so I was actually "something"
So we went to JoAnns.  And I bought WAAAAAY too much tulle.  But I have projects in mind :)  After all, it's in such pretty fall colors.  I'm thinking an autumn wreath.  Or a matching tutu for Bailey.  Or both.

dark purple, light yellowish(?), sparkly orange, chocolate brown, deep red, and sparkly gold
the gold was my favorite :)
I got extra points in Zumba for dressing up.  I may or may not have looked {awesome} walking to and from classes.  Because if I dressed up for Zumba...it meant dressing up for computer science as well.  I did see a handful of costumes while I was on campus so that was fun!  However, I don't consider people in real costumes if it's something that can easily be shoved into a backpack or somewhere.  Sorry.  If you're only wearing Harry Potter/nerd glasses or the like...you don't count in my book.  Learn not to be lame.

Our ward also had a Halloween party later that night.  I stopped by for a few minutes before going back home to continue writing my huge paper {but I'm proud to say I cranked out an 8 page paper(...or if you count all the extra pages, 12) in two days!  I'm pretty sure my middle name is Procrastination...}.  

Here are pictures from the night! {courtesy of Heather's camera}  {and Tyler from the HOWL...because her costume is adorable}

Tyler the Peacock!
Savage the Old Man
Heather the Flapper
Sarah {the hippie}, Heather, and me

Heather and Shayna the Pirate

Katie was a pirate as well...they should have had a picture together!
That was our exciting Halloween.  Okay.  They had a more exciting one than I because they actually got to enjoy it.  But it's my fault I put my paper off.  They got to play games at FHE and watch scary movies when they came back home.

Maybe I'll learn to not procrastinate...but I have a feeling I won't.  Or it will take a while...because I tend to procrastinate dropping the habit of procrastination.

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  1. Um I love your tutu!

    And I think you should make a fall wreath! :)


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