Tuesday, November 1, 2011

North Logan Pumpkin Walk

Every year since before I was born {heck, before my oldest sister was born} North Logan has held its annual Pumpkin Walk!  {October 1982!}  Each year they have a different theme.  This year it was "My Favorite Things."  It sure had a lot of my favorite things!  To look at this year {and year's past} galleries visit the website {here}.

Last week {October 25} the roommates, Craig, Brian, Bjorn, and Osten decided to see this year's talent.
I was able to snap a few pictures before my camera decided to die on me.  Sorry for the picture overload.

half the group.  the other half was SO slow
Tyler, Heather, me, Brian, and Craig
Tyler is a tad too short... :)
Craig and Brain
I liked the animals.  Especially the porcupine and beaver
And the octopus
Kung Fu Panda
Nightmare Before Christmas

Angry Birds

BusyTown.  I want a Bananamobile!
Despicable Me!
She's even holding her unicorn!
Garbage Monster
Gilligan's Island
These pumpkins were also handpainted...the details were AMAZING

Calvin and Hobbs

Winnie the Pooh
Christmas Story!

And someone proposed an hour before we were there.  Adorable.

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