Monday, November 14, 2011

singles wards....

Singles wards are great most of the time, don't get me wrong.  It's nice going to church with people your same age.  Ward prayers are great.  Everyone working together, fulfilling their callings, and supporting others as we're each trying to find our way in the world.

However, sometimes I get tired of singles wards.

I miss the cute little children and the adorable elderly people.  I miss the variety.  I miss the moms and the dads and familiar faces that I have known for years.

I miss not having talks about marriage and dating what feels like every Sunday.  It gets old having it rammed down your throat week after week.  Yet some weeks the message is "don't worry about not getting married.  there are worse things in life than not getting married."  But a lot of weeks it seems to be "make lists of all the qualities you want in your future husband"  "don't date a guy if he's a jerk" "here are the red flags" "be the kind of person you want to attract" etc etc etc....

And don't get me wrong.  Those are valid subjects and great lessons for many people.  But gets tiresome.  And a sensitive subject.  Plus, I like to keep things simple and say I'm not getting married until I'm 78.  Yep.  It's a great age.

Oh and at ward prayer tonight my apartment was in charge of introducing ourselves, giving the thought, and the prayer.  My favorite part was trying to come up with ideas of what to do.  Someone threw out the idea for the thought to be "date and get married."  Yeah.  It was great.  And Sarah really said it.  And people laughed and it was great.  And then she gave a real thought :)

I quite enjoyed her saying that.  I wasn't sure if she would.  In my intro I included that I enjoyed baking.  Afterwards, some of the E3 boys told me that if I ever feel inclined to share they would be happy to take some off my hands.  Typical boys...but I'm not against sharing :)

Oh.  My roommates are using a cootie catcher.  Apparently I'm not marrying "boy" but I will marry a hot man with glasses.  Of course I will.  Almost all old people I know where glasses.  I'll be 78.  He'll be old too, so therefore he will wear glasses.

Sorry for the rant...but well ya know...sometimes you just have to vent.

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