Friday, October 26, 2012

yesterday's ramblings

yesterday i began writing a post {which is now sitting in my drafts, unpublished}
it was full of whining. FULL of it.
how so many aspects of my life haven't been going the way i want them to this week.
how life has been SO full of stress -- places to be, projects to accomplish, things i do/do not want to do, etc.
and i was just tired.

so i took a time out from life.
my friends and i decided to give spinning a try.

i admit.  i was preparing myself to hate it.  absolutely LOATHE it.
and there were moments i did.  but surprisingly enough, i found moments where i was not only tolerating it, but ENJOYING it.  weird.
but i got kind of bored too.  so maybe not my first choice of exercise...but i would definitely be okay doing it again.

and then it was time for my group paper meeting.  boy.  i hate canada right now.

and then i got an invite to hang out and take another mental break, which it sounds like we both really needed.  sometimes hot chocolate, funny people, and movies can really cure things...

because today i feel okay :)

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