Thursday, October 6, 2011

cold fall days / bliss

Today is one of those cold fall days that takes me back to my childhood.
Coming home from school today I wanted nothing more than to go home,
Turn the heat up high, grab my favorite blanket, put on some comfy pjs, 
And lay down in the living room right over the heat vent 
Using the blanket to create a warm little cocoon.

The best was when Oscar would climb in too.
He was my favorite.  Today I kind of miss him.
Sometimes he would get too hot and leave.
Sometimes I would too.  But I learned how to fight that.
You learn to wear socks to cover up your feet {I hate socks...this was the exception}
And make sure your pjs came all the way down to save your legs from extreme heat.
It's amazing what a thin piece of fabric can do.
Those were the days when you'd watch TV super close.  Or take a nap.
Those days were bliss.

It's days like today that I want to go back in time.
To be at home with my lovely little heat vent
Instead of ~40 degree Logan with snow on the mountains
And promise of a cold winter.
I knew what I was signing up for coming to school here.
I've experienced it.  And I love it.

However much I'd like to go back in time I know I can't.
It's not physically possible.
Even if I drove home now it still wouldn't be quite the same.
The blanket is beginning to look worn with age.
Time has gotten the best of Oscar.
The siblings aren't there.  And the parents aren't half the time either.

You never seem to realize it in the moment
How truly wonderful the simple things in life are.
Heat vent blanket bliss.
Family all being together.

Lately I've been super happy.
I finally got a calling.  It's not anything big, but it shows that I'm needed.
I've made a few new friends.  I think they're pretty great.  And they make me smile.
And I have super roommates.  Sometimes we're loud.  Sometimes we're crazy.
We like to poke fun at one another.  And have really long talks.  And watch movies.
And be best friends.  And watch out for one another.
And my bff Angie was able to visit Logan last weekend.
And I was able to watch all of General Conference for like the first time in years.
And things are falling together quite perfectly.

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