Sunday, October 23, 2011

ray of sunshine

Sometimes, life is stupid.

You come home for a break from school that sounds like it's going to be too long and you're going to get sick of it.  But instead, Sunday arrives and you don't want to go back quite yet.
  • Packing up sucks.
  • I get the joy of talking to my teacher about the test that I've currently "failed"...but really, it's a technology malfunction.  I just hope she's understanding considering it wasn't even my fault.  I tried.  I think/hope she'll be helpful.
  • I have a huge paper due next week.  Haven't started it.  Oops.  I guess I should get on that.
  • I have a group project due sometime in the next while...mid-November...we should get on that too...
  • I'm missing the niece's birthday party for work tonight.
  • And then there are all the stupid little and not so little frustrations that go on inside and outside of my head that I don't really feel like expounding on.
But then there's a little ray of sunshine that makes your day.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

You go online to check the calendar of assignments that are due tomorrow.  After all, Mondays are always killer.  And you are the queen of procrastination.  So you pull up the screen.  Look at Monday, October 24. And....

  • You notice you don't have a computer science program due on Monday like you normally do.
And then you realize other things that make life a little better too :)
  • I have people who listen to me and let me vent my stupid frustrations.
  • It's pretty easy homework that's due tomorrow.
  • I do like Logan.  Most of the time.
  • It's the last day of work for me for the year :) {but maybe I'll go find a new job...unless I keep school as my only "job"}
  • There are people in Logan that I miss.  Some I'll see right away.  Others will hopefully be seen soon?
  • I got awesome cupcake stuff.  I don't even really feel like making cupcakes right now...but I'm just happy I have it :)
I need to make a giant to-do list and tackle it.

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