Monday, October 17, 2011

Crayon Art!

What you need:
  • canvas (we used 8 x 10 I think)
  • crayons (we used a 64 pack...)
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • blow dryer
  • and you probably want wax paper or newspaper...or something that can get messy
Basically what you want to do first is arrange all the colors in the order you want.  We used pretty much all colors.  I took out the ones that I thought were ugly because you will have some left over.  I've also seen some that are one color family or cool colors or whatever.  There are several options.  Just buy enough crayons to do what you want.

Then you will hot glue them to the top of the canvas with the points facing towards the middle of the canvas like so.

I also wanted all mine to have the logo facing the top.  Maybe it's OCD...but I think it looks neater instead of random.

Put your canvas on wax paper or newspaper and grab your blow dryer.

I started on high to get the crayons to start melting.  When they start melting, I switched to low.  It splatters a lot more if you keep it on high.  The splatters do look cool though.  I concentrated on a section at a time but would get impatient and switch around a lot.  Melt it down to wherever you want on the canvas.  You basically can't mess this project up.  That's the beauty of art. :)

You can hang it either way :)

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