Thursday, December 8, 2011

oh you know...

oh you's not all that exciting around here.

hence the lack of posting.
{warning:  my thoughts are all over the place.  this is completely random...}

it's dead week.  which means no tests....but I have ten thousand assignments.  seriously? come on.

but then it's time to go home for Christmas.  For almost a month.  If I can last that long haha :)
I love being home though {generally}.  Like Thanksgiving?  I gave myself an extended break...ten days total...and still wasn't ready to come back to Logan.

and it's about time for a break mentally.  I like people.  But I like my alone time too.  Or at least chill and do nothing time.  It keeps me sane.

Like the other night.  I drove to Hastings to pick up my present Leasa (aka my Mom #2) brought up for me to give to my roommate Tyler for our roommate Christmas {my real mom lovingly crocheted the edge of the blanket...because she is sweet like that}.  I didn't realize how awful the drive would be.  Five o'clock.  On a Friday.  In "busy" Logan traffic.  In the dark.  In the snow.  With idiots on the road.  I was pretty much scarred for life.  Well...not quite but almost.  I was waiting at a light.  And the lane next to me was emptier than mine...and there was a stupid bicyclist crossing 4th North (super busy, super crazy) not at a light/crosswalk.  Idiot.  He pretty much almost got plowed over by some not car not SUV, something in between thing.  Idiot.  It freaked me out pretty badly.  Then after getting the blanket, I tried to avoid the crazy, busy streets and wind my way back home.  I should have just stuck with heavily traveled streets.  They would have been much easier to drive on.  My drive home stress/anxiety piled on to the "I just almost saw someone get hit by a car" anxiety.

Anyway.  When I got home, no one was there {they all went to play racquetball}.  I whipped up a batch of brownies, making sure to leave enough to enjoy some batter {the best part}, grabbed a blanket, threw in a movie, and curled up on the couch.  Talking to a couple was understanding and sympathetic...and the other asked me if I was okay, and when they received a negative response, still went on their merry way in the conversation...but that didn't surprise me haha.

my cute little 11x7 i rarely get to use...
why yes...I did cut the middle out of the brownies....
My roommates got home just as "You've Got Mail" was ending.  Somehow we ended up watching Step Up 1 and 2 and another movie that I can't remember.  Except I fell asleep during those three.  4 movies in one night.  Sick haha.  Oh well.

We really haven't been up to much.  Lots and LOTS of movies.  And lovely Christmas with the roommates.

This pretty present was for me!  Apparently Sarah and I "ruined" Christmas because we figured out who was giving presents to who....that's probably really whom...but we know that I don't follow proper English/grammar rules.  They're generally just guidelines.  Anyway.  I was excited.  Because this present was wrapped really pretty.  I felt like my grandma...because I opened it carefully and saved the wrapping paper.  It was peacock!  and sparkly!  Two of my favorite things.  And inside there was a lovely cupcake maker.  I need to try it out.

 But before we have Christmas we had Thanksgiving.  It was like the traditional American Thanksgiving.
It was full of family {not as full as I'd like...missed you Mari and Heather}, delicious food {thanks mom!}, football {thanks pops!}, and shopping!

Through his work we got press passes...which allowed us up in the box...where they fed us food...and down on the sidelines.

Black Friday shopping was fun.  But I didn't go "real" Black Friday shopping this year.  I woke up about 7 and hit my different stops.  I thought it was ridiculous all the stores seemed to open at midnight or before.  I was content with the 4 and 5 am openings.  Those are more fun anyway, but since I knew there probably wouldn't be things to fight over, I slept in. Ish.

Oh.  And the Monday after Thanksgiving I tried to give blood.  Tried being the keyword.

The bag stayed empty...
I hadn't given blood before.  I forgot to hydrate I guess.  They struggled finding a vein.  So they made me go drink a lot.  I ended up drinking a bottle and a half of water and two cans of juice.  Really fast.  I wanted to puke my guts out {I know you wanted to hear that, right?}  So after twenty minutes.  I went back to the expert vein finder.  He poked and he stabbed and finally got it in.  And the trickle was super slow.  He told me it would take 20 {or 30?} minutes to fill the bag.  Either way I knew that was a long time because I saw Shayna fill hers in under 5.  He said "You can call it a day or we can try the other arm."  I called it a day...because they tried looking for a vein in the other arm earlier and found nothing...and I had been there for forever.  But he decided to look anyway.  And apparently he found "a good one."  But he told me the choice was still up to me.  After over two hours....I still called it a day.  I am not a life saver.  Not that day at least.

they had to draw lines on my arm to not lose the vein.
oh and they said that not only are my veins small...they like to move around a lot too 

Oh and here is our lovely friends Christmas tree.  I believe Tyler created it for them.  I was asleep on our living room floor when this occurred.  I'm getting old.  I'm falling asleep early.

We're adorable.  We like to shove ourselves on to one couch instead of sit on the floor.  Then we attempt to watch the Goonies.

OH!  And I found a video of a flash mob.  In Logan.  With my bishop.  It made me giggle.

He's at 1:51 and 1:57 with the USU sweatshirt with the red collar sticking out.

That's pretty much all the randomness on my mind.  I doubt it made sense...but you know.

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