Monday, March 12, 2012


*this is what I started writing Friday...and never finished.  Still getting published anyway*

This week has been crazy and hectic and I'm so ready for it to end.

It has been filled with just about everything.  So maybe I'll just make a quick list...

  • School
    • I hate it.
    • Well.  Not really.  It's why I'm in Logan, right?  So if I hated it, I wouldn't be here I guess.
    • English is a beast.  I don't dislike writing....I just dislike writing when I have to follow rules and guidelines...which is English.
    • Spanish.  I used to be a complainy pants.  I even wrote an e-mail to the department head.  Many of my other classmates did too.  This teacher would be really great if he didn't have medical problems.  But we're paying to learn.  I received an e-mail and he announced in class today that we will be getting a new instructor after Spring Break.  It's really too bad...but necessary.
    • Speaking of Spring starts this weekend! :)
    • My Marriage and Family, Family Finance, and Interior Design classes are great!  I love them :)
  • Work
    • Work is starting again.
    • Work is an hour away from where I'm currently located.  This makes for a bit of a drive when I have refresher trainings.  I had one Tuesday (with a terrible snowstorm on the way back), one yesterday, and one this afternoon.  Thankfully the weather is looking beautiful outside :)
    • I love these people.  They are so much fun to work with!
    • I noticed a new slide in one of the presentations.  It made me laugh because I'm positive it was added because of me.  Needless to say, I know how to handle disorderly guests :)
    • I can't wait to start working with these kids every day!
  • Family
    • I got to see my parents last night!  I love {and am grateful!} when they treat me to dinner and fill my car up with gas.  It's gotten expensive lately! and will unfortunately continue to rise I bet.
    • My brother's birthday is coming up.  He's turning 24.  If you have any ideas of what to get him let me know because I am at a loss!

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