Wednesday, October 17, 2012

dear boys #2

seriously this is only #2?  i must write so many of these in my head.  anyway...

dear best friend,
it was good hearing your voice yesterday.
it's been awhile.
<3, me

dear boy,
ha.  you like me.
sincerely, baffled

dear mish,
i know you're doing great things,
but my mailbox is hungry.
love, kel

dear frank,
thanks for letting me rock your accounting test.
it made me feel pretty great.  and i think you're pretty great.
sincerely, the student who smokes pot {aka uses a calculator}

dear asian roommate,
you made me unwillingly swear to do something by shoving a Bible to my face?
and took my laughter as agreement?
you're crazy.  but you make me laugh, so therefore i love you.
sincerely, maybe i actually have to do it now...

dear bedroom,
you're clean?!  how is this possible?
i'm glad we could get reacquainted.
you look quite nice and clean up rather well.
sincerely, now my roommate won't hate me.

dear toenail,
why do we even have you in the first place?
seriously though.
anyway, i don't think it's appropriate for you to be chillin' in a not-attached-to-my-toe manner.
not cool.
sincerely, that really hurt/never-volunteer-to-clean-the-church-with-your-parents-again

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