Friday, December 9, 2011

happy list - december edition

so eryka and janie both have done happy lists recently.  i need a little pick me up and figured it'd be good to focus on the positives that make me happy!

the fact that i went to my last class of the semester today.  i still have finals...but no more awful class!
christmas lights
my lovely decorated apartment

friends who come to visit
staying up til 3 watching movies {i went to bed before they even finished!}
my mama llama. and pops. except i usually just call them mom and dad
my electric blanket
mint m&ms.  i was excited when i remembered they existed
talking to my mom and sister for forever on their birthday.
going to the library for the first time all year. with no plans to study. {today is seriously the first time i've set foot in here...}
awesome roommates
awesome neighbors
warm clothes
nieces who are excited for christmas
peace and comfort

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