Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 - what a crazy year!

2011 was such a crazy year full of ups and downs.  I've learned lots of valuable lessons...and am sure 2012 will bring plenty more!  Sometimes it hurts to learn...and that's when it feels like learning.  I think the more pleasurable way of learning is called "fun" and the year has had plenty of that!


I started my second semester of college!  Sociology, psychology, humanities, and chemistry.  I could only remember 1 of 4 and had to look them up.  How sad is that?

Miss Katie Plott {Janie and Kylee's friend from home} visited Logan.  She dyed my hair for the first time.  I remember I was kind of nervous...what if I hated it?!  Good thing I love it!

I'm not capable of not pulling faces.
Um...January doesn't really stick out to was almost a year ago!


February was the month I started blogging!  Nothing too special...but it's a way to remember life :)

Kylee, Sarah, Katie, and I went to a basketball game...super early!  We didn't realize we'd have to wait outside for so long!  It was freezing.  But Aggie games are always great.

And I made these lovely gems.  Heath {better than sex} cupcakes!  SOooo yummy.  Messy.  And a pain in the butt to make...but delicious nonetheless.


March was INSANE!  I was out of Logan more than I was in Logan, but it was so much fun!

I went to California (posts 1, 2, 3, and 4).  San Francisco is such a beautiful city.  I'm so grateful Eryka's step-dad offered to take my parents and I on a tour of the city!  He knew the ins and outs and was great at navigating since he knew the city so well.

I tried my first bowl of clam chowder.  Delicious!

Ghirardelli Square.  Chocolate is always divine

Lombard Street
But we didn't go to California just to sight-see...we went for a wedding!

Daniel and Eryka make a gorgeous couple {you can follow their blog here}

It also included friends who made me feel awful.  But more importantly it included friends who reminded me of how special I am.  It makes me tear up just thinking about them.  Thanks Sarah, Janie, and especially Kylee.  Kylee knew how to make me talk when others didn't.  And she knew what to say.

That month we also met the boys across the hall.  Yep.  It took us until March even though we had been living there since August.  Pathetic...but that's life haha :)

And I went down to Bountiful for work a bunch.  It was just for training...every Thursday.  Not the most convenient...but it's better than not having a job!


Stephanie and Eric got engaged on April Fools Day.

The roommates and I met Biggest Loser contestants and worked out with Brett {from the show}. Yep.  He was pretty awesome.  Or maybe pretty and awesome.

The roommates and the boys across the hall went to Lagoon.  I went on Skycoaster for my first time.  So scary...but SO fun! {you would think I'd have gone on it before now...considering it was my fifth year working there...}

There was bacon-shaped cake.  And schedule planning for the fall.  And taking webcam pictures like I belong on 16 and Pregnant {except I don't!} {april blogs}

Oh and I found ducks in a parking lot by the stadium.  I like ducks :)


Finals could not be over soon enough!  I was SO ready to move home.  Packing was a beast.  But thankfully once I got home I had family who brought all my stuff inside our home under ten minutes!  I wish taking it to my car would have gone that fast!

The weekend after I got home my family participated in Race for the Cure.  I've participated before, but it was a different feeling this year since breast cancer had hit home.  Aunt Tracey is an amazing lady!

love this family!
love them!
I find {this} post funny.  In it I comment on how, depending on the day, you interact with some pretty interesting characters.  And at the end I say "Life is pretty quiet.  Not uneventful...but lacking major events."
And then the NEXT Saturday....this happens!

If you can't tell, I have a black eye!  Well...had.  That's a story I never talked about on here yet!  Maybe later I'll have to do the story justice...but longish story short...I got punched in the face by a random lady at work!


June must have been filled with work.  I can't find pictures.  And there's one blog post.  But work was great.  I love the people I work with and hope most of them will be there this coming summer too!


July was full of work, fireworks, and Steph's wedding.

I watched fireworks on top of the rec center with Kevin.

I never got wedding pictures onto my computer...but the wedding was pretty!  And seemed to fit Stephanie perfectly.  The weather was everywhere that day...from blinding sun to pouring rain.  Not the greatest for an outdoor wedding...but we made it work!  I loved having family in town, especially Heather!


Some of the old roommates and I went camping up to Hunts property.  It was so much fun!

Did you know I'm a lumberjack?
P.S.  dull axes are awful
4-wheeling fun!
No wonder we're all single... :)

Sleepover fun! 

So bright...we're blinding each other with our beauty!
The best friend left on his LDS mission.

Work went back to weekends.

I moved back to Logan for school.  Met new roommates.  Met new friends.  Settled into my new home.


I turned twenty.  No more being a teenager for me!

Finally blogged about my "lovely Logan home" with pictures.

Played A LOT of Just Dance 2.

Went to Cobra Starship with Sierra at the U {for free}

Participated in a Guinness World Record.  World's Longest Kissing Chain? Check.  We also camped on the quad.

Was a big girl and got my car fixed {take 1}


What a wonderful month!  Life was quite blissful :)

General Conference.

Made new friends at the Trophy House {Just Dance, game nights, and movie nights (my fav)}

Home was broken into.  Thankfully it was a prank.  Dumb I1 boys...except we love them still!  But we did learn how to use the deadbolt.

Discovered the wonderfulness of Violet Hill Boutique.

Had a leaf bug on my nose.

And put Pinterest to good actually doing some of the projects I've pinned!

And going to the North Logan Pumpkin Walk was delightful.  So much creativity and hard work!

My car broke {take two}.  Thankfully it was in a parking lot again.  And thankfully it's been working since then {knock on wood}

Best friend came home.

Can I just say how much I loved wearing a tutu?  They are so much fun!  I missed out as a child...but maybe I appreciate it more now?  haha who knows?

What a cute peacock!  I was super jealous of her costume :)

I cranked out a huge paper in a day and a half {research and all!}  The teacher thought it was great enough he asked permission to use it as an example for next semester.  Score.

Katie and I celebrated 11:11 on 11/11/11.  We both screamed and freaked out and made a wish like little kids.  I think I remember my wish.  If not, I guess it wasn't that good haha.

Thanksgiving.  Awesome.  I love having a mom that can cook.  And sister/sister-in-law/me that can pitch in.  The only thing that would make it better is having more family here next time!

Football with Dad.  Pressbox seats.  Free lunch.  Also went down to the sideline.  Awesome.

Tried to give blood.  Not super successful.  Gave up after being there for over 2 hours.


Roommate Christmas.  I love pretty presents.

I love friends.

Went through mega-stress/worry.  Thankfully everything ended up okay.

Then came a different stress: finals.  After going through the previous week they were {almost} a welcoming sight.  Grades went well.  All A's and one A-.  I was quite content.

Christmas was great!  Church was full of wonderful music.  Later, the nieces came over and we opened presents about 2.  Everything was perfect!  My family knows each other well.

Hanging out with Katie {the roommate} over the break.  And just talking for over three hours.  Love her!

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday {happy birthday Steph!} and New Year's Eve.  It'll be spent with friends welcoming in the new year!

I'm excited for what it has in store.


  1. love the san fransico pictures! looks like a fun place (:

    happy twenty-twelve and all the best to you this year, kelly (:

    p.s. thanks for your comment! i know right?!...i just LOVE disney (: thank you for the compliment on my shirt. i got it from cato (:

  2. What a fun year! Also, love the crayon art. Also, love the fact that you're an Aggie. :) Logan is the best! (Except, what's up with this whole no snow thing? WEIRD)


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