Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The past two weeks have been killer.  Not as in killer awesome, but as in killer "I want to die."

Okay.  Not really.  Not that far anyway.

Just lots of little things...and something that seemed like a big thing to me...from last week just added up.  They made me stressed.  They made me tired.  They made me worried.  They made me irritated.  They made me...ugh.

And became time to prep for finals.  With no time to recover.  And I studied.  And studied.  And studied.  And took a test.  And got a 77.  Which is AWFUL in my book.  But I also knew there were concepts I didn't understand...and wouldn't understand no matter how much I studied them.  So I feel okay with that.  And then I took my open note/open book test and got a 96(?) which is just grand!

Then I went home to Bountiful.  And studied.  And did a job shadow.  And studied some more.  Then drove back to Logan.  (Why I chose rush hour....who knows?)  And Katie and I exchanged recaps of our day.  And now I should be studying.  But I'm not.  Not yet anyway.  But I probably shall.

Then I'll sleep.  But not long enough.  Never long enough.  Not until Friday am I allowed to do that.  And I don't think I'll ever be able to catch up...but I can try.  And I'll wake up.  Maybe study some more.  And take my final final.  And yes.  I did just say final final.  Or if that's too complicated for you...last test.  But final final is more fun to say :)

And then I'll write my paper about my job shadow.  Which shouldn't be difficult.  I love easy projects.  2-3 pages double spaced.  Easy.

And then I'm free.  Free to take me and Katie home.  Free for three weeks.  Or three and a half I believe.  The half totally counts.  It makes such a big difference.

No homework.  No tests.  Nothing I'm supposed to read.  Nothing I'm supposed to do.

Actually I'm sure there will be plenty I'm supposed to do...but nothing school related! :)

Although the freedom will be short-lived, it will be greatly appreciated.

And here's a picture of narwhals.  Just because I can.


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