Monday, December 19, 2011

thinkin' 'bout the new year

Lately I've been thinking about all I've done this year.  And how much I've forgotten.  So much of it seems like so long ago.  I think about all the things I've accomplished.  And learned.  I have learned a lot.  And what sticks out the most are the life lessons...not the school...although there's been plenty of that too.

And sometime within the next two weeks {the new year is really that soon?!} I'll throw together a blog post or two about my year.  The highlights.  And the lowlights.  Because the year surely hasn't been all ice cream and glitter.  But it hasn't been devoid of that either.

And maybe I'll even make goals for 2012.  I hate making goals.  But I know there are things I want to accomplish.  Ones that will take me to new places.  

I'm excited for the adventure.

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  1. adventures ARE so very exciting, aren't they! i do enjoy making goals, but they can be such a challenge to carry through with. i hope you will be blessed with an extra dose of motivation this upcoming year as you plan your goals.(:
    thank you so much for following me! i'm following back. so glad we're blog friends now!(: i appreciate your comment on my vlog post! that's pretty neat you don't call it rolling, what do you like to call it?(: i'd love to hear! wow, that's something about what your grandma says when it's raining and the sun is shining! very interesting(:

  2. p.s. i noticed that eryka follows your blog...i love eryka and her blog! (:


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