Friday, May 27, 2011


Each day...each moment...everyone has the choice of how they let things affect them.  These things may be the actions of others, your own thoughts, etc.

I could be sad today because it's been one year since Oscar died.  I was away on my high school choir trip and didn't find out until I came home.  I'm glad my parents were smart enough to threaten my siblings not to say anything because it really would have wrecked my vacation.

I could be irritated with everyone who keeps staring at me when I'm in public.  Some have even pointed.  Yes, I'm aware I have a black eye.  How could I not be?  I felt it.  I wish I could share the story right here, right now, but I'm not sure if I can haha.  But it's a good one.  And maybe, once everything is all wrapped up, I'll share.  Or you can ask me if you're impatient :)

Or I could be happy.  I made a fun craft with Eryka yesterday.  We did these monograms.  We bought a letter from Michaels and painted and mod podged them.  I'm really quite pleased with mine...and plan on making a few more.

And be happy that I have awesome friends who like to keep me entertained.  There's Angie who lets me whine and complain to her about all of what's going on.  Plus she bought me a dinosaur.  And takes me to movies for free.  And then there are Kylee, Janie, and Sarah.  We like to dork around.  And play games {I learned last night that I am pretty awesome at Family Feud but suck at Sequence} and play the wii.  And watch movies.

I like to focus on the happy aspects.  Oscar was old and it was his time to go.  And maybe it was better that I was gone when it actually happened.  And I should be happy that my black eye is starting to fade...{kind of}.  And be happy about a few other things related to the story.  And be happy about finding something crafty I like.  And is easy.  And happy I have awesome friends.  Oh and parents.  They're pretty awesome and do lots of things for me.  And are supportive and caring and all those things parents are supposed to be.  Oh.  And I should be happy that I got my giveaway stuff I won from Cody at  yeah, that's macho and tough today.  Yay! :)

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