Sunday, May 8, 2011

mother's day

me and my mom at heather's wedding
Mom.  Mama Llama.  Or when you're not listening, Susan....SUSAN! :)

You are pretty dang awesome.  Really.  I don't think I could ask for a better mom.

You were always supportive of whatever I chose to do, yet you always let me make my own decisions.

You were always there in times of success and times of failure.

You are a loving mother, daughter, and wife {and aunt, friend, sister, neighbor, coworker, grandma and more}

You are patient, kind, and thoughtful.

I admit, it was pretty fun/funny to watch you learn how to use technology.  I remember when you refused to learn how to text and had to ask me questions every once in a while on how to use the computer.  I haven't had questions from you in a long time and you taught yourself how to text to keep in touch with your kids.

I love your ability to create.  You make crafty things.  You have my whole life.  Although the hobbies have changed over the years, you continue to use your creativity.  Maybe somewhere I inherited an ounce of your craftiness and'll just take finding it.

I like that you listen to my ramblings about nothing.

I like that you decided to have 4 kids....because if you didn't...well you wouldn't have me!

I like that you have faith you can do things, even when you feel like you can't {gospel doctrine...I know I couldn't do it!}

I love that with all the craziness life has thrown at you, you roll with the punches.  

Even other people think you're pretty amazing.  It's not just me.  Like at Joy Luck.  I got a gift certificate for you and the owner filled out another one to give to you from him because "you are so wonderful."

Yep.  I agree.  You are wonderful.

I love you.  I couldn't ask for a better Mom.

Love, your favorite {youngest} daughter.

me and my parents in San Francisco

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  1. I just cried a lot of tears. I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!


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