Thursday, May 19, 2011


sometimes....i lay in bed for over two hours trying to sleep, but can't
sometimes....that time gives me lots of time to think about things
but....i don't appreciate thinking that late when i really want to be sleeping because i have to be to work early
sometime....i don't say no
so....instead of working at noon tomorrow i work at eight
normally....that wouldn't be a big deal, except i'm going to the midnight premiere of pirates.
and....i'm already feeling super tired.'s only ten thirty.
and....caffeine's not really making a difference.
and....i'm pretty sure i'm going to fall asleep during the movie.
but....i'm okay with that i guess.  it's the fourth movie.  it won't be that spectacular, will it?
confession...i'm going more for the people than the movie.
so...i'm hoping that i'll be able to survive through work...and then i can come crash at home.

other random thoughts...
sometimes....there are clothes i love and want to keep...but can see they're tired and worn i decide to get rid of them.  i wish i had bought back ups haha.
normally....i like the rain...
but....i'm tired of it now. can i have sunshine for a few days?
sometimes....i don't feel like using capital letters.
sometimes....i wish i had a hobby. but i don't know what to do.
sometimes....i don't really feel like cleaning my room...which would actually be pretty simple
and....maybe i should just choose one dvd player. i have three stacked on top of my tv right now...
but...really i need two. since one still has a working vcr.  who watches vhs movies still? me...sometimes
see? three....
sometimes...i have random dreams.  involving random people. and sarah decide we'll attend the singles ward instead of our "home" ward. find pictures that your nieces draw for you.  this picture includes cars. that are talking. and have faces. including teeth :) go over to dan and eryka's and watch the office...and actually laugh

and's probably just time to go.
sarah should be picking me up any minute.
wish me luck in staying awake in all my endeavors.....


  1. i shouldve gone to the movie with you im wide awake. ahh!

  2. you should have! haha it's late. i almost combined "should have" into "shave" :)

  3. Sometimes you should use cuss words to get your point across. It works... Try it. It feels good.


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