Sunday, May 1, 2011

winner winner chicken dinner

sometimes you get sick with a cold.
sometimes when you are sick with said cold you take nyquil.
sometimes when you take nyquil you decide not to get out of bed until 1 in the afternoon.
sometimes when you get out of bed at 1, your roommates have already gone to church.
sometimes when they're already gone, you decide to just go to sacrament meeting, so you have some time to kill.
sometimes when you're killing time, instead of studying, you catch up on your blog reading.
sometimes as you're scrolling through the see a name that pops out.  your name. and then you look at the picture next to it...and it's your face

sometimes blogs have giveaways. and sometimes i randomly enter into them...never with hopes of actually winning.
sometimes though, you actually win! is a link to the stuff I won at yeah, that's macho and tough
i'm pretty sure i entered because it involved glitter and there's jewelry and stuff where i can pretend to be crafty and girly.
sometimes winning is the perfect little pick me up you need when you're sick and heading into finals and moving.

so...thanks Cody from yeah, that's macho and tough!  i'm pretty excited!  {p.s. you should totally check out her blog and shop on etsy}

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