Thursday, May 5, 2011


Here is the progress.  If I could just get this paper done I wouldn't care about taking my chemistry final and settle for an A-.  I'm just a bit mentally done with everything and everyone.  If I could get in my car and drive home today and all my stuff would magically finish packing itself and appear in Bountiful I would leave.  But, it won't.  So I guess I better suck it up, crank out a paper, attempt to study for chemistry since I'll be here to take it, and pack.  {sorry to go on a little rant there...}

  • Take sociology final in less than an hour.  And score at least a 56%.  That's manageable since all my other tests have been high 80's to 90's {update: took it. feel good about it.  I'll get an A for sure}
  • Do my psych study guide before Wednesday....and then own that test too.
  • Write a 4-page single-spaced paper {so in my head that's more like an 8 pager...}about humanities.  Yep the subject is really that broad.
  • Finish my humanities take home test...thankfully I'm already over halfway done :)
  • Score high enough on my chemistry final to bring me to a full A.  Being the student I was in high school/now, an A- doesn't sit with me as well when I know there's a possibility of getting something better and it's in my power to do so
  • Remember pencils?
  • Return/sell books
Everything else:
  • Eat at the Crepery for breakfast tomorrow {it was dinner actually...}
  • Have a sleepover in the living room
  • Watch movies
  • Pack up all my stuff (it's been started at least)
  • Clean like nobody's business
  • Leave this apartment as the cold empty shell it was when I arrived


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