Monday, May 2, 2011

finals week to do list

So this finals week is a little bit different than the last.  Last time included finishing up quickly to go home to family and Christmas and excitement.  I'm not in a hurry to finish out the year.  I'm not being greeted by holiday cheer.  Instead, packing, moving, and deep cleaning await me.  And leaving 5 awesome girls.

hmm...I wish I had more pictures of them...but this will do for now
Especially after a night like last night, it'll be sad to see us split up.

Anyway, here's the list:


  • Take sociology final in less than an hour.  And score at least a 56%.  That's manageable since all my other tests have been high 80's to 90's {update: took it. feel good about it.  I'll get an A for sure}
  • Do my psych study guide before Wednesday....and then own that test too.
  • Write a 4-page single-spaced paper {so in my head that's more like an 8 pager...}about humanities.  Yep the subject is really that broad.
  • Finish my humanities take home test...thankfully I'm already over halfway done :)
  • Score high enough on my chemistry final to bring me to a full A.  Being the student I was in high school/now, an A- doesn't sit with me as well when I know there's a possibility of getting something better and it's in my power to do so
  • Remember pencils?
  • Return/sell books
Everything else:
  • Eat at the Crepery for breakfast tomorrow
  • Have a sleepover in the living room
  • Watch movies
  • Pack up all my stuff
  • Clean like nobody's business
  • Leave this apartment as the cold empty shell it was when I arrived
I won't miss these stark white walls....but I'll miss the memories attached to them

So our apartment was picked to be the "model apartment" they used in pictures.
We can thank Janie for that.
But this is only kinda how we have our living room...they changed it up on us
We keep bananas on Kylee's fridge? False.
And look. That end table is magic...somehow it changed sides of the chair...
Oh and I'm pretty sure that's Step Up sitting on top of the dvd player
Also...we've never had a clock above our stove...but we did have a JB poster up there once
See? Waaaayyyy up there? Those are the windows to our living room
And here's me. Before school started. July actually...
I had no idea what was in store for the upcoming year.
Heck. I didn't even know what was coming that night haha

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  1. Love this and you! Good luck on your finals lady!


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