Wednesday, February 22, 2012


There's this girl who lives nearly 2100 miles from me.  Even though she's eight years older than me, I still think she's pretty rad.  Well, I found out just the other day she is coming to visit!  My sister is coming to visit! :)

sisters: stephanie, heather, and me
You see, I haven't seen her since last July.  Seven and a half months is a looooong time.  Okay.  Some people may not think so...but when you have a family as awesome as mine, it is!

The last time we saw Heather
{steph's wedding}
I've joked that the next time our family would get to see Heather was when I get married {the last two times she came to town were for siblings weddings}.  Oh wait!  Am I spoiling the surprise?  Do I get a surprise wedding?  Thankfully, no!

{dan's wedding}
It'll be great having us all together again...even if only for a few days :)

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  1. ahh i'm so excited for you! I have a brother and a sister that are both married with kids and live out of the state and i get so excited when they come or i get to go out and visit them. i hope you have the best time :)


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