Saturday, February 11, 2012

little lovelies

This weekend has been full of wonderful little things!

Friday night Shayna, Janie, and Tyler Savage got together and went to a choir concert put on by the school to support some of our friends.

This concert was so much fun!  The different choirs sounded so great and I wanted to sing along to just about every song.  I restrained myself for the most part...but I will admit Janie and I couldn't stay quiet for the entire time.  Styx, Journey, Heart - it had it all!

Then later that night I went over to Kevin's and watched a movie with some of our neighbors.  Never watch The Others.  I thought it was stupid and super boring.

This morning Savage invited us over to his house for breakfast.  We ate totally delicious crepes!

Totally awful picture...but it doesn't mean it was any less yummy :)
And then the spending began.  I've spent a ridiculous amount of money today.

The greatest chunk went when I filled out and signed these lovely papers.  Totally worth it though.  Now I have a place to live next fall!  I do like where I live this year...but this new place has many more perks for pretty much the same price.  Can you say STORAGE?!  I have next to no storage where I'm currently living, so this will be a definite plus.  And the people there are great!  So much fun.  My old roommates from last year will all be near.

Then Katie and I decided we needed to go shopping.  We first hit Violet Hill.

I was able to find a darling necklace that's perfect for Valentine's Day...or just any day.  And this cardigan is super comfy.  I love the grey and green stripes.  And the detailing with the black, especially the pocket.  And...robot earrings!  The picture isn't super clear...but they are quite adorable :)

A trip to the grocery store and gas station later we finally made it home.

After lunch and cleaning I learned my parents made it safely home from Mexico and heard they had a blast.  I'm so jealous.  It sounds like it would be a lot of fun.  I guess that's what I'll hopefully get to do once I'm "old" and married with all the kids moved out.

Only halfway through the weekend....but I'm sure with a surprise party and church it will shape up to be pretty fabulous! It's much more exciting than the usual just watch movies weekends at least :)

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  1. what a cute cardi! love shopping.



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