Wednesday, February 1, 2012

february happy list

I can't believe it's already February!  It's one of the most loved and hated times of the year.  I love love.  I love all the cute couples around {and my! many are forming in my lovely little neighborhood. so adorable.} yet I can't help but be envious from time to time.  Oh well!  It'll happen eventually.

I love happy lists!  Totally linking up with the exciting Eryka and awesome Ashley!  You should too! {just click their names}

Here's my happy happy happy list! :)
  • having late night chats with sarah {not the aftermath though. super tiredness!} why must all the best conversations take place after midnight?  last night we were up until three...
  • chocolate chip muffins and diet coke {oh goodness i wish i could've seen my face this morning. super tiredness + this combo = face lights up}
  • chats in the hub with kylee, janie, and kevin
  • awkward questions
  • making people laugh
  • writing about a personal subject for english {good to see those words on paper!}
  • peer reviews in english {totally was dreading them...they ended up wonderful}
  • cupcakes
  • apologizing
  • spur of the moment trips to ogden to see the sister, her hubs, and girlies
  • youtube videos {such as this:

Until next time!  Have a fabulous February! :)


  1. I myself love to make people laugh so I am so happy that my "grandma" comment made you giggle ;) love your list! So happy you linked up too :)

  2. kelly i love your happy list!!!!

    i miss you kel!!!

  3. hahah that video! glad you linked up :) you are too cute!



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