Wednesday, March 9, 2011

California: Day 1

So today my family and I drove to Cali for a fun little vacation called Dan and Eryka's wedding...on Saturday.

We were planning on leaving at 7 am sharp (Dan threatened to leave anyone who wasn't ready), but then, we had the little mishap of Kelly losing her wallet. It wouldn't have been a huge deal if it didn't have my driver's license in it. Without that, I have no way of getting home, which = no bueno. We looked and looked. We tore my room apart. I looked places. Then my mom would tell me to look places (often places I had already checked, but looked again anyway). And my mom looked, and my brother and my sister looked. And we looked places we didn't think had any chance of it being there. Then my dad made me look through my backpack for probably a 5th time (no joke), and lo and behold, guess what we found? My wallet. By then it was 7:15...and Dan was still around, so we finished loading up the car and headed out.

So then we drove. And we drove and we drove and we drove. Well...I rode. We stopped for breakfast and then drove some more. While riding in the car, I named Pokemon and Dan would make their noises. It was pretty entertaining. And then we made some bathroom stops like none other and while waiting Dan and I made bets. He won the "How many times are we going to stop?" with I think a 7...but I won the "How many times is Steph going to call?" with a 10. Technically she called more than that, but he guessed 7, and Mom said like 3 of the calls counted as one since she had to answer her phone to deal with car stuff. I asked my mom what she would do if each of her children called as many times as Steph called her (after the 3rd, or 4th call), and she said she just wouldn't answer her phone anymore haha. Although I think most days aren't quite that high.

And somewhere in there we stopped for lunch and gas. And more bathroom breaks. Don't let people over the age of 30 load up on Diet Cokes :) Driving through Nevada was really boring. There wasn't really anything to see. Except I saw casinos in like every town we drove past haha. I took a little nap during Nevada too. Then after Nevada we hit California. It was really pretty. We had Dad commenting on the elevation like every two minutes. Woah. We were at 7,000-something feet x-number minutes ago. Now we're at 1400. Dad. Gotta love him. And apparently you aren't allowed to bring fresh produce into California? I guess you learn something new every day. Thanks Mr. "Please-Stop-Here-And-Let-Me-Check-To-See-If-You-Have-Fresh-Produce" Guy. You are a gem.

There were a lot of funny comments here and there...but I've forgotten most of them unfortunately. How disappointing. 11 hours is a long time. 9.5 was spent driving according to the GPS.

Then we went and got dinner with Eryka and her family. We went to Mary's Pizza Shack (?) and had delicious salad and pizza. Mmmmm. The best conversation was Eden (Eryka's step-dad) when he remembered where my mom works. It was probably a good five-minute conversation...and it was funny to watch Dan get embarrassed :) That's what you get for having your future mother-in-law buy bras from your mom :)

Now we're at the hotel. Dan ditched us for Eryka. You wouldn't think he missed her or anything...especially with how slow he was driving and how many times he wanted to stop and go to the bathroom. I'm the only one here among the living though. My parents have been asleep for a while now...although I guess it's just hitting on eleven Utah time....but they probably went to bed like 9ish Utah time. Lame.

Well, I better get some sleep for a fun-filled day of adventure tomorrow. We're headed to San Francisco tomorrow. And we have our own personal tour guide haha. It's awesome that Eden offered. We'll get to do more things and cooler things since he knows his way around. Hopefully there'll be pictures next time...

Peace out Chuck Wood

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