Monday, March 14, 2011

California: Day 4

We woke up bright and early to get ready for the big day. Arriving at Eryka's house a little after 7 am, we hopped into the cars and headed towards the Sacramento temple.

Look at Dan's eyes! You can tell he cried :)
Here's Eryka's cute cupcake wedding cake!

Me and the groom! Dan is such an awesome kid. And he was sooo tired.

The adorable couple dancing to The Luckiest. I loved watching their faces. I know it sounds cheesy, but watching Dan was fun. I could see how much he loves Eryka just by the way he was looking at her.

Here's the cake! They were both nice though and fed it to each other politely...not shoving it in the other's face :)

And then, they made their escape through a tunnel of bubbles into the awaiting glorious Impala.
And then they lived happily ever after :)

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