Monday, March 14, 2011

California: Day 3

On Friday (the 11th) I hung out with Dan, Eryka, and Cathy. We ran random errands all morning, picking up napkins for the reception, taking Eryka's little sister lunch for her birthday, and eating French dip at Joe's. Then we went back to Eryka's house and Dan and I were supposed to do homework...and I was mildly successful. Dan just played on Google Translate making the computer say funny things. Finally, after we felt like we killed enough time, we went back to the hotel in hopes of Andersons, Thompsons, and Stephanie having already arrived...but they hadn't. They (Steve, I think) were pro at getting lost...

They didn't know when they were going to get there, so we headed over to the Jelly Belly factory without them. We got there and got a call saying they were pretty close, so we wandered
around the store part of the factory while waiting for them. I have to admit, the tour part was pretty boring. We were all tired and hungry. So we walked around watching videos and listening to our tour guide teaching us how Jelly Bellys are made.

After the tour we went and set up for the reception. Eryka's centerpieces really came together and were adorable. Then, since everyone was starving, we went to dinner. We headed over to Chevy's. I've decided I'm really not a huge fan of Mexican food, except for Cafe Rio. Our service was horrible. I wasn't a huge fan of my food, but at least it was edible. And it was tons of fun being with everyone. Then we went back to the hotel and crashed, knowing we had a long day ahead of us on Saturday.

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