Friday, March 25, 2011


Chemistry. You have been oh so productive today. I haven't paid one speck of attention. Well except you keep mentioning Kc which I have no idea what you mean...well besides my initials. I have caught up on my blog stalking. I have sat on facebook. I have done everything possible to be unproductive. I attempted to take notes...but they made no sense so I gave up.

I need to be doing psychology homework too. Urgh. I'm just not in the mood. I want to go entertain Sarah and Sierra. (Sierra's visiting this weekend!) I need to talk to Kylee. She told me a story last night and I only remember part of I need to re-hear it. And then I should probably hear the other side of the story from someone else before I feel too irritated with them. There's always two...or more sides to a story.

And this post is completely random. And makes no sense. But that's how my brain is working today. So you just have to deal with it :)

Oh! And Festival of Colors is tomorrow! The end.

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