Sunday, March 20, 2011


Weekend. Friday night was great. Me and the whole famdamily went to Joy Luck (minus Steph, but including Heather) plus Eryka's mom and step-dad. Haha I love how my family eats there so often that the owner knows my parents by name. Plus my family makes our orders complicated. I swear everyone has to change everything up. White rice instead of ham fried rice. A cheese wonton instead of a prawn. Salad with ranch. Salad with ranch on the side. Egg drop soup. Diet Coke. Diet Coke with lemon. Dr. Pepper. Water. But the 8 of us had fun. And the food was delicious. (p.s. the orange chicken is always the best...although others would beg to differ.)

Saturday. I went to work from 9-3ish. It was a lot of fun. I love the people I work with. I have a feeling this summer is going to be entertaining. I got my badge too...except now that I think about it, I'm not sure where it is. I hope that if I dig around I can find it...if not I'll get the joy of buying a new one before ever officially starting. Ugh. I hope I can find it!

After work, I went home. And I was pissed that my sisters weren't wearing the dresses we were supposed to for the Utah reception. But then I figured out how to make one of my favorite dresses match/coordinate with everyone else...and all was happy and well. It's not that I hated the original dress...but it's not necessarily what I would pick...although I think I'll still probably wear it here and there.

And then I curled my hair. And I finished doing whatever else I needed to do to get ready for the reception.

And then we went over to the reception center at 5. I made sure to wear heels. I wasn't going to be the midget sister in pictures. But, I'm not used to the heels I wore, so soon after pictures were over, I changed into flats that I had smartly remembered to bring and leave in my car. I know I'm a wimp...but the heels had served their purpose and the need for comfort took over.

The Bountiful reception was gorgeous. My mom did a wonderful job at planning it and making it look fabulous. She had all her fun friends help too. Leasa, Julie, Wendy, Diane, Sherri, and Patsy. They're all awesome! But around 7:30 or so Sierra came and saved me. I loved being there and all...but I never had anyone to be with consistently, so I felt kinda awkward. But me and Sierra escaped and went driving. And we came back and found out Sarah was there too, so we all got together and talked a while. And then we loaded up and went home. Well, I just supervised from the sidelines. I wasn't really all that helpful.

This morning we watched Dan and Eryka open all of their wedding presents. It was like Christmas! Well...Christmas, except that all the presents only had one set of names. And the stack was huge. But if I could pick anything to take, it'd probably be the basket of cards (as long as they were still filled with money/gift cards). :)

And then we just hung around the house all day. We ate yummy lasagna. My mom is a pro. And then we had more hanging out. I think I ended up hiding in my room watching Gilmore Girls. I ended up not feeling well pretty much all weekend, so it was nice to run away to my room that semi-blocked the noise.

I loved having Heather and Mari here. I love them a lot. I don't know the next time I'll see either of them...which is sad. I hope I can either take a road trip and visit Mari (except I don't know if I trust my car) or find a cheap plane ticket and go visit Heather. I need to find the time too. It would take a lot of coordinating of schedules...but it'd be possible...eventually.

But I should probably stop procrastinating my I come psychology....unwillingly.

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