Monday, March 7, 2011


Oh my! March is going to be a crazy month!...but I'm going to love every second of it! I would much rather have a month packed full of fun and adventures than a super quiet and boring one. My biggest adventure is coming up this week. On Wednesday, we are headed to California! I've been to SoCal probably 5 times, but I've never been up north. I get to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

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We're going to Bodega Bay where The Birds was filmed. I remember watching that movie when I was little (like 7,8,9ish?) and it made me laugh, even though it's supposed to be scary (although maybe laughter is how I deal with scary things?) But I just watched a clip on YouTube and I laughed maybe it's just funny :)

And we're going to see the Jelly Belly Factory since it's in the area!

But...we're not going to Cali just to play. I'm getting a new sister! Well sister-in-law. These two cute lovebirds are tying the knot on March 12, 2011...which is this Saturday! They're getting married for time and all eternity in the Sacramento California temple. Then they're going to honeymoon their way back to Utah to make their home in Bountiful. On the Saturday after their wedding, they're having a Utah openhouse/reception thing...which means family coming to Utah! I get to see family I haven't seen since Christmas and don't know when I'll see them again next, so it'll be great having them in town.

And then the next Saturday is Festival of Colors! It should be a blast. I'm lame and have never been, but have wanted to ever since I found out about it 2(?) years ago. It should be tons of fun and lots of people.

And then throw in there work and meetings and school. Lots and lots of school. Oh! and friends coming to visit me in Logan! Exciting! :) And all the fun roommate stuff we love to do.

Stay tuned for posts and pictures of all the fun that's in store.
Peace out Chuck Wood.

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