Saturday, March 26, 2011

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So let's pretend my weekend started on Thursday for the sake of blogging :)

On Thursday I started my day in Bountiful. Stephanie, Bailey, Eryka, my mom and I went to lunch together and then stopped by Dan and Eryka's apartment for a minute after. It's coming together really nicely. It's awesome to see how Eryka is able to change it from what it was originally. It's dated -- wood paneling, carpet that looks like it belongs in a church/school, stuff like that. Yet somehow it looks adorable. Kudos to Eryka.

Then I finished getting ready for the day and went to work. I love the people I work with. I didn't realize how much I missed work and the people from it until the last month or two. You may think I'm crazy, but I like my job. And I'm actually looking forward to next Saturday. All 10+ hours of it. AND I'm not being sarcastic.

Then I picked Sierra up and we drove to Logan. Sierra, Sarah, and I had a sleepover in our living room on our mattresses and watched a movie. It reminded me somewhat of junior high and high school when we would have sleepovers.

I had the pleasure of attending class. And then I decided I should probably stay on campus until my homework was done since it was due by midnight and I knew I wouldn't do it if I went home. So by two I was headed home to my favorite house guest. Sierra and I went to lunch with some of her friends to Cafe Rio. Mmmm. Plus, free meal.Even better. My mom gave me like a thousand free meal cards when I moved up here...I'm hoping that wasn't my last one!

Then we came home. I was asked if I would take three of the boys (Aaron, Tyler, and Seth) from across the hall to Walmart. So I said "Sure! I have nothing better to do!" (because all my roommates had refused). But then, I convinced them to set foot in our apartment (they've been too scared for some reason) and so Sarah agreed to drive (that was the condition they had to meet in order for her to drive).

So we all piled into the suburban and drove to Walmart. They got their groceries and we went home. How eventful! Then we decided we should all get pizza. So we piled back into the suburban and drove down to Little Caesars...which is practically next to Walmart and then went to Walmart to buy drinks. (I've been to Walmart like 5 times this week...which is sad considering I don't think I've been up here 5 full days). Then we came back to our apartment and stuffed our faces with the pizza and free breadsticks. Garen and Kevin then joined us and all ten or so of us "smurfed."
And then came time to clean the sink. In fact, we cleaned two sinks. No, we did not grab our soap and water and wash everyone's dishes. We went to Angies! After devouring the sinks full of ice cream, oreos, reeses, carmel, bananas, and such, we headed over to the Logan Arthouse for the Antics! It was a little bit ridiculous of a wait. They had some concert before it started and it went like 20-25 minutes over...ridiculous! And then once it started it took the cast a little bit to get warmed up. I was worried since out of everyone who went with us, me and Shayna were the only ones to have ever watched them before. But they finally figured it out and became funny! Yay!

Today is Saturday. Finally by like 1 or 2 Sierra and I loaded up my car. We stopped and got Aggie ice cream. We also went down to Gossners so she could grab some squeaky cheese and rootbeer milk.
Then we left the happy land of Logan. (We gave up the Festival of Colors idea. It didn't seem like it'd be as fun in the wet/cold and I didn't feel like waking up early...) I stayed in Bountiful until my Mama Llama came home (yes, that's a term of endearment). I figured I would be a good daughter instead of leaving before getting a chance to say hi, even though I'll be back Thursday.

I got up here and I get to the top of the stairs and one of the boys across the hall is grabbing the vacuum. He looks at me and asks "Do I know you?" "Yeah...we hung out last night." We decided it was my lack of glasses that was probably throwing him off. I thought it was pretty funny. :)

I attempted to watch the Bourne trilogy with Sarah and Janie once I got back up here. I couldn't/didn't try very hard to get into it, so when Kevin called me, I decided to be the awesome friend who went to buy him medicine and make him soup (which I kinda failed at. How hard can canned soup be?!) We talked for a while and watched some 30rock. And then when I got home, Sarah and Janie were still having their marathon. And so instead of joining them, I find myself on my computer.

And that, so far, is my weekend. Lovely, eh?

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