Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today was an unfabulous day. I did almost nothing. I'm still in the clothes I woke up in. In fact, I haven't stepped foot outside my apartment today, not even into the hallway. I stayed up late talking to different people. This included my roommate who helped me make sense of some of the thoughts that seemed to be piling up in my head. The pile seemed to be growing bigger and bigger and more tangled. It reminds me of a big mound of spaghetti with how tangled up it can get. Except they weren't like the noodles that are all slippery and able to separate easily from one another. And most of those thoughts just seem to keep piling up. Except today, I decided to just push them all to the back of my brain and just be apathetic about everything instead. Maybe not the best decision...but it's the one I made.

I woke up early...but decided to go back to sleep and got out of bed around 11. And then decided to eat a little bit of breakfast, even though I didn't feel all that well...but Cheerios seemed to improve that a little bit. Maybe because they're so cheery? (That's a poor excuse for a "dad joke.") And then I watched a few episodes of Gilmore Girls. I'm so behind compared to some of my roommates. Let's hope I can finish the series before school's out. My day has kinda just blurred together. Although I've been unmotivated all day, I haven't been unproductive. I started (and finished) my humanities take-home test...and I'm pretty sure I'll get a decent score. And I read my sociology book and did the reading response...so today hasn't been completely worthless!

I still feel apathetic and unmotivated. Hopefully sleep will change that. I need to go to my classes tomorrow. It's easier to miss one than it is to miss four.

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