Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 3: A Picture of You and Your Best Friends

Well...I can't choose just one. So you get multiple pictures. Best friends. They're people who love you unconditionally. You screw up. You can say mean things. Yet they're always there for you. You may hit rough patches every once in a while, but you always seem to work things out.

Oscar - yes. I know. He's dead. BUT, he was one of the best friends anyone could ever have. He was always, ALWAYS there when you needed him. He was content with the simplicity of his life. You knew he always loved you. When you were sad, he would be there. Sometimes he would get annoying...having to pee 50 times a day, barking incessantly for food, and having horrible breath. But all the good outweighed the bad...and probably outweighed chubby little friend :)

Sierra - is a great friend and has been ever since I was little. When we were little we always played at her house because she had the best toys (the benefits of being an only child!). But, if that's all our friendship was based on, it wouldn't have lasted throughout the years. She is sincere. She always has the best of intentions. She is so much fun to be around. She is easy to talk to. She has incredible fashion sense. She is sweet and caring and funny. I miss seeing her all the time since we now go to different schools.

Angie - is the greatest. She is probably the most accepting person I know. No matter who you are or what your background is, she is willing to give you a chance. She is a bundle of fun. I love that when we hang out we can do exciting things and have a great time or can do absolutely nothing and still feel the same way. She is pretty much my therapist. I can tell her pretty much anything. She lets me vent to her and tell her all my stupid stories and frustrations. She offers great insights, but still allows me to think on my own and make my own decisions. Angie is pretty much the most awesome person I know.

Kevin - What an amazing person. Kevin is so much fun. We always see the clock at 12:34. We've only been friends for just a little over a year, yet we've helped each other through a lot. We still plan to have Chia Pets with our faces on them someday. We also hope to achieve the status of Pokemaster. Kevin is the king of sucking up to people. He is friends with everyone he meets. I can tell him pretty much anything. I love the conversations we're able to have. I admire him for all he has been through and is going through. Kevin is the greatest.

It's crazy how much you can love people. I love each of them so much and would do just about anything for any of them. I have had periods of time without each of them in my life. I think those times have made me realize just how important they are to me. Whether just a few days or many months that I was separated from them, life felt incomplete. Something was missing. Life was awkward and hard and since I'm a cryer, you can bet I cried and cried...or maybe sobbed is a better word. No matter where life takes us, these 4 have had a major impact on my life and will be remembered forever.

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