Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays


  • staring contests...."point!"
  • failing at making scrambled eggs...they tasted okay but they looked funny :(
  • getting ready for class ten minutes before I had to leave....I looked...well...super.
  • hearing "tampons smell like fireworks!" come out of a friend's mouth


  • ice blocking down Old Main
  • getting into ALL my classes without having to waitlist any of them!
  • flying on skycoaster
  • classes are over soon {awesome in the academic aspect...not so awesome in the social}


  1. i can NEVER make scrambled eggs right! haha there must be a secret I have been missing all these years. <3

  2. LMBO @ your friend. I have NEVER heard anyone say that about tampons!! HAHA!

  3. me either! but I guess if you get a bloody nose and pull a "she's the man" you can find out!


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